Silvia Omodeo Salé

Research Associate

13 rue des Maraîchers, office 401B


My Research

Basin analysis, Thermal modelling, and organic-matter characterization

My research is aimed at understanding the evolution of the sedimentary basins and on constraining the factors controlling the formation of natural resources in their deposits. Particularly I focus in reconstructing the thermal history of the basin and in figuring out its relationship with the tectono-stratigraphic evolution. To achieve these objectives several different methods are applied, such as: structural reconstructions, subsidence analysis, heat flow estimation, thermal modelling, organic matter analysis (vitrinite reflectance, Rock-Eval), clay minerals, fluid inclusions, low-temperature thermochronology, etc…

A second line of my research is the study of the deposits rich in organic matter. My research aims to constrain the factors (geological, climatic and biological) controlling the deposition of the organic matter in the sedimentary basins and influencing the related geochemical and petrophysical properties. I applied petrographic, geochemical analyses and stratigraphic modelling.

A distinguishing feature of my research consists of combining different scale and disciplinary data (e.g., field, well logs, sedimentological, structural, geophysical, geochemical, petrographical data) and integrating them by means of numerical modelling.

Research Interests and projects

  • Thermal modelling of the Swiss Molasse Basin and analysis of the risks related to the presence of hydrocarbons for the geothermal activity (Study area: Molasse Basin - Switzerland) – UNCONGEO Project;
  • Site selection for CO2 stockage in the Swiss Plateau – CCS - ELEGANCY Project;
  • Factors controlling the deposition of coal and carbonaceous shales in the sedimentary basins and stratigraphic modelling (Study area: Mannville Group, Western Canada Sedimentary Basin) – DORS Project;
  • Tectono-stratigraphic and thermal evolution of intraplate basins and analysis of the related petroleum system (Study area: Cameros Basin, Central-North Spain);
  • Facies analysis and cyclostratigraphy of sedimentary sequences during the salinity crisis in the Mediterranean area (Study area: Nijar Basin, South-East Spain).

Most Relevant Publications

OMODEO-SALÉ, S., DESCHAMPS, R., MICHEL, P., CHAUVEAU, B., SUÁREZ-RUIZ, I. (2017). The Coal-bearing strata of the Lower Cretaceous Mannville Group (Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin, South Central Alberta) Part 2: Factors controlling the organic matter composition. International Journal Coal Geology, 179, p. 219-241

DESCHAMPS, R., OMODEO-SALÉ, S., CHAUVEAU, B., FIERENS, R., TRISTAN, E. (2017). The Coal-bearing strata of the Lower Cretaceous Mannville Group (Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin, South Central Alberta) PART 1: Stratigraphic architecture and coal distribution controlling factors. International Journal Coal Geology, 179, p. 113-129.

OMODEO-SALÉ, S., SUÁREZ-RUIZ, I., ARRIBAS, J., MAS, R., MARTINEZ, L., HERRERO, M.J., (2016). Characterisation of the source rocks of a paleo-petroleum system (Cameros Basin) based on organic matter petrology and geochemical analyses.Marine Petroleum Geology, 271-287.

OMODEO-SALÉ, S., SALAS, R., GUIMERÀ, J., ONDRAK, R., SUÁREZ-RUIZ, I., MARTINEZ, L., ARRIBAS, J., MAS, R., (2015). Subsidence and thermal history of an inverted Late Jurassic-Early Cretaceous extensional basin (Cameros Basin, Norh of Spain), Basin Research, 1-19.

OMODEO-SALÉ, S., GUIMERÀ, J., ARRIBAS, J., MAS, R. (2014) Tectono-stratigraphic evolution of an inverted extensional basin: the Cameros Basin (north of Spain). International Journal of Earth Sciences, 103 (6), p. 1597-1620.

ARRIBAS, J, GONZÁLEZ-ACEBRÓN, L., OMODEO-SALÉ, S., MAS, R. (2014) Provenance controling sandstone diagenesis in a Rift Basin: The Cameros Basin (N of Spain). Geological Society of London Spec. Publ.: Sediment Provenance Studies in Hydrocarbon Exploration and Production, 386, p. 63-73.

OMODEO-SALÉ, S., GENNARI R., LUGLI S., MANZI V., ROVERI M., (2012). Tectonic and climatic control on the Late Messinian sedimentary evolution of the Nijar Basin (Betic Cordillera,Southern Spain). Basin Research, 24 (3), 314-337.