Guidelines and regulations

Guidelines for researchers

  • If you have an invention that you would like to disclose, you simply need to fill out an Invention Disclosuree form and contact Unitec. With the information provided in the invention disclosure, namely a short description of the invention, the inventors, the source of funding for the work, and any public dissemination of the invention, Unitec can schedule a meeting to discuss a preliminary strategy. Be aware that any written or oral publication (e.g., journal article, internet publication, newspaper or TV broadcast, thesis defense, seminar presentation, poster and abstract) could be an obstacle to patenting your invention.

  • Unitec will help you evaluate the commercial potential of your invention and define the optimal technology transfer process with you. This involves evaluating the novelty of the invention, potential applications, feasibility of market-scale production, and what kind of market exists for your invention. Following this evaluation, we will provide consultation for questions regarding the patenting process, including finding an appropriate patent attorney firm and financing the initial filing of the patent application. Unitec will help you find appropriate industrial partners, actively assist in negotiating research collaboration contracts and licensing agreements, and provide support for the creation of spin-offs.

  • To help protect your rights, Unitec can provide you with various agreement contracts. Such contracts may be useful if you decided to become involved in a research collaboration with a company or if you need to share or exchange biological materials. If an industry expresses an interest in your technology, ask them to sign a confidentiality disclosure agreement form before disseminating any of your results.
  • Generally, royalties are distributed as follows:

After deduction of the direct expenses that are not reimbursed by licensees (patent fees, etc...), the royalties are distributed as follows:

For cumulative net revenue up to 50'000 CHF:

  • 50% to the inventors
  • 25% to the inventors' laboratory or department
  • 25% to the University of Geneva

For the portion of cumulative net revenue exceeding 50'000 CHF :

  • 1/3 to inventors
  • 1/3 to the inventors' laboratory or department
  • 1/3 to the University of Geneva
  • During the lifetime of a license agreement and financial collaboration, Unitec will provide you with the necessary support, especially in managing situations of conflict of interest
  • Unitec supports the creation of University spin-off companies by helping contact suitable investors and partners. Furthermore, the University of Geneva may accept equity as financial support for the licensing of technology, while adhering to basic academic principles and protecting the rights of the University and researchers.