Annotations - MRL Freshel, "The Golden Rule Cook Book" (1908)

bleeding to death

According to William Cook's Practical Poultry Breeder and Feeder; or, How to Make Poultry Pay (1883):


“There are different modes of killing. Some just break their necks and do not let the blood run out of them ; but it remains in their necks (draining from the body into the neck). I like to stun them and then put the knife up into the brain. In this way they bleed well, and it gives them no pain, as when they are stunned they do not feel it. When there are only a few to kill at a time it is best to have a nail or nails knocked into a wall or beam to hang the fowls on. Their legs should be tied, and take hold of these in one hand and the wings in the other ; hit them hard against a post and hang them on a nail at once, and run the knife into the brain through the inside of the mouth, passing it through the roof as quickly as possible” (180).