Annotations - MRL Freshel, "The Golden Rule Cook Book" (1908)

ethical refusal

Elsewhere in her Introduction, Freshel clearly distinguishes ethical from dietary vegetarianism:

“The word has unfortunately become intermingled with various dietetic theories, but the Vegetarian who is one because his conscience for one reason or another condemns the eating of flesh, occupies a very different place in the world of ethics from one who is simply refraining from meat eating in an effort to cure bodily ills.

Indeed, the dyspeptic frequenting the usual Vegetarian restaurant has little opportunity to know much about vegetables as food, the menu being, as a rule, so crowded with various mixtures which are supposedly 'meat substitutes' that vegetables pure and simple find small place. This book contains no meat substitutes, as such, but receipts [recipes] for the palatable preparation of what is called by many 'live foods,' – that is, food which has no blood to shed and does not, therefore, become dead before it can be eaten.”