Annotations - MRL Freshel, "The Golden Rule Cook Book" (1908)

the thirst-tortured hours in the sun

The suffering inflicted on animals during transportation to slaughter has been a frequent topic in animal welfare publications right up to contemporary calls for bans on live-animal exports. For example, the article “Flesh-Eating in the Light of Humane Thought” (1898) by Caroline Spencer was reprinted upon popular demand in the New England Anti-Vivisection Monthly  Vol. IV No. 7 (July 1899): 12-16. She notes: “the insatiable human lust of slaughter works misery inconceivable, breeding myriads of timid, gentle creatures that are literally born only to die. Of the agonies they suffer in crowded cars and cattle ships, terrified, thirsty and hungry, goaded by brutal men, and trampled by each other – of these things and of the extreme difficulty of abating any evil even locally and partially, any humane society can tell terrible tales” (14).