Hae-In Cho

Mme Hae-In Cho


+41 22 379 06 39

Hae-In Cho joined the Institute for Environmental Sciences and Department F.-A. Forel in December 2015 as PhD student and research assistant in the Energy Efficiency group. She obtained her Bachelor degree in environmental engineering and a Master in environmental economics and policy. Based on her studies, she interned for International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) in Germany and UNEP-DTU Partnership in Denmark working on the assessment of renewable energy systems and analysis of climate policies (i.e. Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Actions). In addition, she worked for United Nations Children’s Fund as a monitoring and evaluation officer in Bangladesh. Her work experience and studies evoked her interest in energy efficiency programmes and their evaluation. Her PhD thesis analyses energy efficiency programmes implemented within Switzerland as well as abroad (mainly, U.S and Denmark).