Technologies & Services

Experimental design and procedure

The assays and the samples can be fully prepared and run at ACCESS Geneva, using our dedicated robotic tools: Agilent Bravo® liquid dispenser (compound printing), Multidrop reagent/cell automated dispenser, sterile hood, incubator, automated pipettes, plate washer (Biotek EL406®).

Culuture room.pngCell culture room: Cell culture room: ACCESS Geneva is equipped with all tools needed for your cell-based experiment in a P2 lab. You will have access to a sterile cell culture hood, incubator, cell-counter, centrifuge (for plate and tubes), micropipettes, fridge/freezer, consumable plastic and liquid (except culture media and trypsin). A Multidrop Combi® is available to dispense very precisely reagents or cell suspensions in assay plates. The automatisation of cell seeding is a mandatory feature for any screening project. Booking


FACS-160.pngFACS cell sorter: ACCESS Geneva has recently acquired a FACS cell sorter Sony SH800, equipped with 4 collinear lasers and 6 detectors, 2-way or plate sorting (6- to 96-well). It is enclosed in a P2 sterile hood. The SH800 allows sorting of a wide range of cell sizes using the 70 μm, 100 μm and 130 μm microfluidics sorting chips. This is the ideal tool for any clone sorting. Its usage can be combined with our automated microscope to be very rapidly able to check the quality of sorted clones or cell populations. Booking
Bravo.jpgAgilent Bravo liquid handler: To allow extremely rapid and precise dispensing of micro-volume of compound, ACCESS Geneva uses the Agilent Bravo® liquid handler (compound printing in assay plate). The robot is enclosed behind a Plexiglas shield to avoid any contamination of the sample. New dispensing methods can be programmed and tested extremely rapidly. The pipetting head is using disposable tips to avoid any cross-contamination. Booking
EL-406.jpgPlate washer Biotek: A Plate washer Biotek EL406® is used for sample preparation, antibody dispensing and sample washing. This is the mandatory tool to stain the sample in 96- or 384-well plates. This washer allows very robust and consistent preparations of the sample which is of crucial importance for a screening project. Booking
PRIMOSystem.pngPhotopatterning sytem Primo: The PRIMO® Photopatterning sytem is an optical system, directly docked on an inverted microscope, allows to project patterns of UV-light with very high resolution (1 μm). The UV-light, shaped on demand, can be used for multiple purposes, among them, micropatterning of biomolecules (ECM proteins, antibodies…), photolithography of UV-curable resins, or precise photopolymerization of hydrogels. Any labware (including 96/384 well plate) and surface can be used for those application. The micropattern can be coated with one or more biomolecules in an homogenous way or with gradient. Booking