Jerôme Glauser

Relationship Manager - Commodity Trade Finance

Institution : Credit Suisse

NCCR position : PhD student
NCCR PI : Klaus Scherer and Didier Grandjean


Affective relevance: nature, determinants and effects

General Information

I am currently working as a doctoral student at the National Centre of Competence in Research (NCCR) in Affective Sciences. My research topic in on appraisal biases and is situated within the framework of the project 1 Appraisal and motivational processes in the elicitation of emotion.


2006 - present
Doctoral student at the University of Geneva and the Swiss Center for Affective Sciences, Geneva.
PhD thesis (working title): "Appraisal biases: an approach to emotional disorders within the framework of the component process model of emotion. Theoretical aspects and empirical evidences."

2002 - 2006
Degree in Psychology (Licence), University of Geneva.
Licence thesis: "Effect of anger prosody on visual processing".

Research internship sep - nov 2006
Research internship in Prof. Ian Gotlib Lab (Stanford University).
Behavioral experiment on Appraisal Biases in Social Phobia.

Research internship feb - oct 2005
Research internship in Prof. Stephan Eliez Lab (Geneva).
Processing of structural MRI datas in the context of research on velo-cardio-facial syndrome.

Current Research

The main goal of my thesis is to identify systematical biases in the evaluation of events that might underlie people dispositions to experience some emotions more frequently than others. The rationale of the approach is to conceptualize such appraisal biases within the framework of the component process model of emotion (Scherer, 2001).
To investigate appraisal biases, we are using questionnaires, developing a non verbal scale and running behavioral experiments. The next step will be to use EEG and fMRI methods to investigate their neural underpinnings.