An important goal of the Swiss Center for Affective Sciences is to train the new generations of affective scientists. Therefore, a major effort is devoted to the Education and Training Program (E&T), designed to foster scientific quality and creativity among talented researchers in the affective sciences. The program is also open to confirmed scholars, already advanced in their own disciplines, who wish to acquire knowledge in complementary disciplines, as well as competence in interdisciplinary research.

The E&T Program coordinates the activities and functioning of the Doctoral School, Postdoctoral Program and Advanced Researchers group of the Center. The goal in all cases is to promote an interdisciplinary approach towards affective phenomena without losing the disciplinary specialization required for a professional career.

The E&T Program offers a variety of training activities throughout the year and financial resources for the members of the Doctoral School and Postdoctoral Program. Additionally, it organizes activities for the members of the Center and the academic community at large. The most important of them is our
International Summer School in Affective Sciences (ISSAS), open to students and postdocs in the affective sciences from all over the world.

The E&T program is coordinated by Dr. Cristina Soriano, with the support of the Administration team and the Management Team of the Center.