Olga Klimecki

Senior Researcher at CISA, University of Geneva

+41 22 379 09 13

General Information

I am a psychologist and neuroscientist. I am interested in understanding the neural mechanisms that shape our social emotions in adaptive ways. In this endeavor, I combine methods from psychology, neuroscience and economy. In my doctoral research under the supervision of Prof. Tania Singer I investigated neural, behavioral and emotional plasticity induced by training social emotions like compassion and empathy. The results of these longitudinal studies in adults provided evidence for the plasticity of social emotions spanning the levels of neural function, emotional resilience and helping behavior. I extended this line of research to aggressive behavior with a BRIDGE/Marie Curie fellowship at the University of Geneva from 2013 - 2015. Jointly with Prof. David Sander, I am now coordinating a research focus on the role of emotions in conflict resolution at the Swiss Center for Affective Sciences (University of Geneva, Switzerland):

Selected Publications

  • O M Klimecki, Leiberg, Susanne, Ricard, Matthieu, Singer, Tania (2013) Differential Pattern of Functional Brain Plasticity after Compassion and Empathy Training. SCAN , .
  • O M Klimecki, Singer, T (2013) Empathy from the perspective of social neuroscience. Handbook of Human Affective Neuroscience Cambridge University Press New York , .
  • O M Klimecki, Singer, T (2012) Empathic distress fatigue rather than compassion fatigue? Integrating findings from empathy research in psychology and social neuroscience.. Pathological altruism Oxford University Press New York , .
  • Bernhardt, BC, O M Klimecki, Leiberg, S, Singer, T (2013) Structural Covariance Networks of the Dorsal Anterior Insula Predict Females' Individual Differences in Empathic Responding.. Cerebral Cortex , .
  • Leiberg, Susanne, O M Klimecki, Singer, Tania (2011) Short-term compassion training increases prosocial behavior in a newly developed prosocial game. PLoS ONE 6(3), .