Lagomarsino Maria

Dr. Maria Lagomarsino

Postdoctoral Researcher

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Institution : University of Geneva


Maria joined the Consumer Decision and Sustainable Behavior Lab in March 2020 as postdoc researcher after receiving her Ph.D. in Management at the University of Neuchatel, Switzerland. She is currently conducting research in understanding individuals’ preferences for renewable energy and energy-efficient technologies as individuals play a key role for a successful energy transition.

Maria has always been interested in nature and humans’ relation to nature. This interest has increased exponentially as she learned more about the environmental crisis we are living and individuals’ difficulties in adopting an eco-friendly lifestyle. For this reason, she is dedicating her research to address the difficult and urgent threat of ecological degradation and investigating the consequent consumption problematics. Before to join the lab, with her Ph.D. dissertation, she contributed unraveling ways to help and encourage people to adopt pro-environmental behaviors and sustainable consumption choices. She did so by investigating and underlining the role of emotions in such circumstances. She found that hope could instill a sense of empowerment that motivate people to adopt an eco-friendly life-style.