Marianne Schmid Mast


HEC Lausanne Office 619
+41 21 692 33 00

Institution : University of Lausanne
Department : Faculty of Business and Economics (HEC)

Selected Publications

  • Latu, I. M., Schmid Mast, M., Lammers, J., Bombari, D. (2013) Successful female leaders empower women’s behavior in leadership tasks. Journal of Experimental Social Psychology 49, .
  • Bombari, D., Schmid Mast, M., Brosch, T., Sander, D. (2013) How interpersonal power affects empathic accuracy: differential roles of mentalizing vs. mirroring?. Frontiers in Human Neuroscience 7: 375, .
  • Schmid, P. C., Schmid Mast, M. (2013) Power increases performance in a social evaluation situation as a result of decreased stress responses. European Journal of Social Psychology 43(3), .
  • Latu, I. M., Schmid Mast, M., Kaiser, S. (2013) Gender and emotion: An interdisciplinary perspective. Peter Lang Bern, Switzerland .