Dr. Yoann Stussi

Postdoctoral Researcher

Directory details

Institution : University of Geneva
Department : Department of Psychology
Discipline : Psychology
Research field : Emotion, reinforcement learning, decision-making
PI : David Sander
Thesis topic : Relevance detection as a psychological determinant of emotional learning

General Information

I studied cognitive and affective psychology at the University of Geneva, where I obtained a Ph.D. in psychology under the supervision of Prof. David Sander and Prof. Gilles Pourtois. I then completed a postdoctoral fellowship at Harvard University in Prof. Elizabeth Phelps' lab. I returned to the University of Geneva as a postdoctoral researcher to pursue my research in affective sciences.

My research focuses on the links between emotion, learning, and decision-making. Specifically, I aim at better understanding why humans learn preferentially about specific information or stimuli than others through the investigation of the psychological, computational, and neural mechanisms underlying these learning biases. To that end, I use theoretical approaches derived from affective science in combination with experimental learning paradigms–such as Pavlovian conditioning–and behavioral, psychophysiological, and reinforcement learning methods.