Summer School (ISSAS)

ISSAS 2024

International Summer School in Affective Sciences (ISSAS)

Emotional intelligence (EI):
Theory and research on the perception, use and regulation of emotions, with implications for education, health and organizations.

July 5-12, 2024

Chateau de Bossey, Switzerland



How do we best deal with emotions at work, at home, in our social relationships, and to promote our health? The term Emotional Intelligence (EI) is generally used to refer to our ability to reason about our own and others’ emotions, as well as to regulate and use those emotions. There is hardly a field that has sparked as much interest and controversy in psychological research over the last three decades. Even though evidence suggests that being emotionally intelligent has benefits in various areas of life, many questions remain: Is EI truly an “intelligence”? Do we measure it adequately? How should we do it? How do we best apply EI to different settings such as work, education, or clinical contexts? Finally, will EI gain even more relevance with the rise of AI? 


The 2024 edition of ISSAS, organized by the Swiss Center for Affective Sciences (CISA), will be dedicated to theoretical and applied avenues in EI research; topics include emotion regulation, the assessment of EI, the development of emotional competencies across the lifespan, the interaction between different emotional competencies and clinical conditions, the role of EI in organizations, and more. 


Young researchers and doctoral students from all disciplines are welcome to join this exciting, one-week summer school packed with empowering ideas and stimulating discussions!


The scientific agenda comprises plenary lecturesworkshops, and hands-on student group research projects to be presented at the end of the school.


We are lucky to bring together a distinguished group of speakers: 

  1. Marc BRACKETT (Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence)
  2. Stéphane CÔTÉ (University of Toronto)
  3. Isabel DZIOBEK (Humboldt University of Berlin)
  4. Yasemin ERBAŞ (Tilburg University)
  5. Marina FIORI (Swiss Federal University for Vocational Education and Training)
  6. John “Jack” MAYER (University of New Hampshire)
  7. Jochen MENGES (University of Zurich)
  8. Moïra MIKOLAJCZAK (Catholic University of Louvain)
  9. Marcello MORTILLARO (University of Geneva)
  10. Susanne SCHEIBE (University of Groningen)
  11. Klaus SCHERER (University of Geneva)
  12. Katja SCHLEGEL (University of Bern)
  13. Astrid SCHÜTZ (Bamberg University)
  14. Maya TAMIR (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem)
  15. Juliane VÖLKER (University of Geneva)


 ISSAS offers its participants the possibility of learning from key researchers in the field, exploring interdisciplinary perspectives in EI, and building a strong professional network from early on in their careers. 

Join us also in the diverse social activities, enjoy the comforting nature of the Swiss countryside, and showcase EI research against the scenic backdrop of the French Alps and beautiful Lake Geneva at the Château de Bossey! 


We look forward to meeting you at ISSAS 2024!