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The GEFAV has been developed and is distributed by the Swiss Center for Affective Sciences at the University of Geneva, Switzerland with funding from the Swiss National Science Foundation for the project "Olfactory determinants of human attractiveness: a multimodal and developmental approach".

It is a collection of European faces and voices of 111 individuals, including 61 women and 50 men, aged 18-35 years old.

For each individual, we provide three kinds of facial stimuli (static neutral, static smiling and dynamic neutral) and two kinds of vocal stimuli (a three-vowel sequence /i/-/a/-/o/ and a sentence in French: “Bonjour. Il est deux heures moins dix”). The facial and vocal stimuli are available for download.

Note: GEFAV stimuli have been controlled for their range of attractiveness, based on evaluations by a population with the same characteristics as the stimuli. However, in no case should the GEFAV be considered as a standard database or as representing a universal range of human facial attractiveness. Especially, the distribution of attractiveness is partly a result of targeted recruitment of attractive individuals. Researchers using the GEFAV should thus keep in mind that the stimuli are appropriate for experimental studies, but may not be appropriate for correlational studies that assume an ecologically valid distribution of attractiveness.


Terms of use

The GEFAV is made available upon request for researchers in non-profit academic institutions, from European countries or from countries benefiting from a decision of the European Commission regarding adequacy of the protection of personal data. Only researchers who are head of a research group (e.g., Professor, Assistant professor, Lecturer) with a permanent academic affiliation / email address are allowed to download and use our database (this will be verified). People who download the database commit:
- to use the database for their own non-profit academic research only,
- not to provide the database to a third party and not to make it available on the Internet
- to properly cite the paper below in all communications of any kind using the database.


How to cite GEFAV

Ferdenzi, C., Delplanque, S., Mehu-Blantar, I., Cabral, K. M. D. P., Felicio, M. D., & Sander, D. (2015). The Geneva faces and voices (GEFAV) database. Behavior research methods, 47(4), 1110-1121.