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Exposure Hackaton

bandeau_hackathon.jpgScience Film Exposure Hackathon

3-day Hackathons Science Film Day

Lausanne, 30.11.2018 - 02.12.2018

Basel, 01-03.02.2019

Zürich, 15-17.03.2019

Young Mind's Science Film Day

Lausanne, 24.11.2018

Basel, 26.01.2019

Zürich, 05.03.2019

Final Event

Geneva, 13.04.2019


Exposure Science Film Hackaton brings together scientists and filmmakers to create short entertaining films about research. It proposes Swiss-wide events to train young scientists and filmmakers in science communication through film and to create a dialogue between scientists and people of all ages from the general public. It will take place until April 2019 in several Swiss Cities. A final screening of the best films will take place in Geneva on April 13, 2019.
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April 13, 2019
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