IAPS and Spatial Frequencies

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Delplanque, S., N’Diaye K., Scherer K. R., & Grandjean D. (2007).  Spatial frequencies or emotional effects? A systematic measure of spatial frequencies for IAPS pictures by a discrete wavelet analysis. Journal of Neuroscience Methods. 165(1), 144-150.



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You can download the database containing the spatial frequency content of IAPS pictures (Lang et al., 2008*).

Note that the values were calculated (02/15/11) for the pictures provided in the 2007 version of the IAPS.

We also provide several files describing the complete procedure (filtering and contrast calculation using ImageJ) and the different codes needed to perform the analyses on your own pictures with SplusTM as well as MatlabTM softwares.

CORRIGENDA: In Delplanque et al., (2007) article, it is indicated that: "Coefficients were Z-score transformed for inter-band comparability. p 147, 149". There is no need to perform such a transformation since the total energy of a frequency band is the sum of the energies of the underlying bands (the energy [coefficients] in the 0-16 pixels/cycle band = energy in the 0-8 pixels/cycle band + energy in the 8-16 pixels/cycle band). This correction made, the results presented in Delplanque et al., (2007) article remain unchanged.

(*Lang, P.J., Bradley, M.M., & Cuthbert, B.N. (2008). International affective picture system (IAPS): Affective ratings of pictures and instruction manual. Technical Report A-8. University of Florida, Gainesville, FL.)


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