Olfaction in virtual reality video

Applying affective sciences to virtual reality: The study of how scents can enhance emotional experiences in immersive virtual worlds.

Contact: Sylvain Delplanque

Project Outline.

Within the partnership between the NCCR Affective Sciences and the Swiss fragrances and flavors producer Firmenich, SA we planned to implement the olfactory modality into an immersive virtual (iVR) environment.

The main objectives of this project were twofold: 1) jointly producing one of the most advanced odor delivery device in a virtual reality system, and 2) exploring the benefit of olfactory enriched virtual environment over classical laboratory experiment in the study of odor elicited emotions.

Ischer MJ, Baron N, Mermoud C, Cayeux I, Porcherot C, Sander D and Delplanque S (2014). How incorporation of scents could enhance immersive virtual experiencesFront. Psychol. 5:736. doi: 10.3389/fpsyg.2014.00736




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