Types of funding

Firstly, it is important to understand that it is not the UNIGE that awards any grants:

  • University of Geneva: The doctorate can be paid for as part of a teaching assistantship at the university; in principle, this is the only doctoral funding offered by the institution itself.
  • Funding not provided by the University of Geneva: The doctorate may be funded by subsidies, which may be supervised and awarded by Swiss federal institutions (SNSF, Swissuniversities).  Some grants are awarded by private foundations. Grants may also be awarded as part of international or bilateral partnerships.
  • The doctorate may be financed by a job outside the academic institution and unrelated to the thesis work.


The successful completion of a doctorate is closely linked to the way in which doctoral students support themselves and, where applicable, their families.

Below you will find links to funding opportunities.

Funding for mobility can be found on the Doc.Mobility page.