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Baby MIND detector completed

Baby MIND installation complete !

on 16 February, we completed the heavy installation work for the Baby MIND detector (MIND = Magnetized Iron Neutrino Detector). It is now in its place as it was always meant to be, in Tokai, Japan, in the T2K ND280 pit, downstream of WAGASCI. Congratulations to all involved in making this happen!

Etam, on behalf of the installation team pictured in the photo
(Credit Marat Khabibullin)

from CERN: Philippe Benoit
Goto-san and his company
from INR: Sasha Mefodiev
From KEK: Toshifumi Tsukamoto
From Kyoto: Atsuko Ichikawa,  Kenji Yasutome
from UNIGE: Laurent Nicola, Saba Parsa, Etam Noah

Baby MIND will now be equipped with its electronics and DAQ, and should be ready to record first neutrino events in March.

21 February 2018
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