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13 mars 2015: Philanthropy and intellectual property

Philanthropy is increasingly a topic of keen interest to individuals and companies alike, particularly in Geneva, a canton with a long tradition of giving. Proactive thinking about the framework conditions conducive to philanthropic initiatives can only benefit such momentum. For this reason, in line with the actions already engaged by SwissFoundations, the Canton of Geneva and Fondation Lombard Odier, the Faculty of Law of the University of Geneva organises a Philanthropy series.

Initiated under the impulse of Professor Xavier Oberson and Professor Henry Peter, the Philanthropy series is comprised of four conferences throughout the university year 2014-15. The objective of these half-day sessions is to debate different aspects of philanthropy from an academic standpoint, with a view to providing policy makers and practitioners with concrete recommendations.


Access to drugs for developing countries

Under the chairmanship of Professor Jacques de Werra, a panel of experts coming from leading institutions (including international organizations, research foundations and the pharmaceutical industry) will discuss the topic of philanthropy and intellectual property from the perspective of access to drugs for developing countries: how can intellectual property (in particular patents) be used for a philanthropic purpose ? Presentations by the panelists will be followed by a debate and a discussion on various aspects of this challenging topic, such as trends and good practices.



Jacques de Werra (UNIGE)

Peter Beyer(WHO)

Anatole Krattiger(WIPO)

Esteban Burrone (MPP)

Yuan Qiong Hu(MSF)

Bernard Pecoul (DNDi)

Corey Salsberg (Novartis International AG)



The conference of March 13,2015 on "Philanthropy and intellectual property: access to medicins for developing countries" was recorded and is fully available on mediaserver.

See the recording of the conference


#1 Philanthropy and Taxation

Comparative perspectives, cross border issues and recommendations for Switzerland
Moderated by Professor Xavier Oberson | 2 October, 2014 + d'infos

#2 Philanthropy and Art Law

Art donations to Museums: Comparative perspectives and Recommendations for Switzerland
Moderated by Professor Marc-André Renold | 29 January, 2015 + d'infos

#3 Philanthropy and Intellectual Property

Access to drugs for developing countries
Moderated by Professor Jacques de Werra | 13 March, 2015

#4 Philanthropy and Corporate Social Responsability

Utopia, duty or opportunity?
Moderated by Professor Henry Peter | 28 May, 2015 +d'infos

19 février 2015