Financing and governance in the digital age


Organization team


Prof. Yaniv Benhamou (Digital Law Center, Faculty of Law) is in charge of the World Knowledge Dialogue 2023 (WKD). For the past 10 years, he has been working on the status and remuneration of artists (see his complete study and the national conference) and on the digitization of cultural heritage (see his published policy paper on "Digitization of GLAM Collections" and the international conference).

Since 2023, he has been analyzing changes in the cultural and creative industry, in particular the remuneration of artists on platforms and the role of Artificial Intelligence on creation, which led him to organize the WKD on this issue. Its aim is to bring together international experts to explore these issues and bring out creative solutions in favor of artists and creation, notably for a better distribution of value. The aim is also to enable other sectors to benefit from the conference's ideas, as the artistic field is often a precursor of changes to come.


voisin.jpgMargot Voisin (research and teaching assistant at the Digital Law Center with Prof. Yaniv Benhamou) conducts research on various areas of digital law, including data protection and digital discrimination and social bias. She is preparing a thesis on the status and intermediation of digital artists.


olivier250.jpgOlivier Unternaehrer, a lawyer by formation, is a legal facilitator. He founded Legal Light, a legal consulting and facilitation company. As part of the WKD, he and Prof. Yaniv Benhamou will be co-facilitating the congress, with a view to encouraging creative and constructive discussions.


muriel-solimando.jpgMuriel Solimando has worked for 15 years in administrative and operational support, management and cross-functional project management. Since 2020, she has been secretary to the Rectorate, in particular to Vice-Rector Antoine Geissbühler and the Bureau de la Transformation Numérique (BTN). In 2022-2023, she is helping Prof. Yaniv Benhamou to organize the WKD.