Financing and governance in the digital age



Ateliers avec les 50 expert-es participant au congrès / Workshops with the 50 experts participating in the congress (French & English depending on the group / also available in webinar zoom)

Ateliers thématiques / Thematic workshops

Each group will think about creative solutions for artists and creation, in particular through measures (Policies) intended for the government and professionals.

Group 1 : Rôle des intermédiaires et des machines dans la création / Role of intermediaries and machines in creation (FR)

Group 1 will analyze the role of past and present intermediaries (e.g. streaming and Web3 platforms) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) systems in the value chain, both at the consumer stage (e.g. algorithmic recommendations), the production stage (e.g. analysis of user data) and the creative stage (e.g. image and text generators).


  1. Bauer Yves (rapporteur)
  2. Bensamoun Alexandra – online
  3. Bermès Emmanuelle
  4. Citton Yves - online
  5. Fleuret François
  6. Jeannerat Hugues
  7. Joyeux-Prunel Béatrice
  8. Martin-Bariteau Florian
  9. Paris Thomas
  10. Perrenoud Marc (moderator)
  11. Tissot Nathalie
  12. De Werra Jacques 

Group 2 : Rôle du public dans la création / Role of the public in the creation (EN)

Group 2 will analyze the role of the public in the creation and value chain. Digital technology enables new modes of creation and diffusion (e.g. streaming, participation in Web3 platforms and AI systems, recommendation and algorithmic curation), which require analysis of the legal framework and the economic value of data generated by the public.


  1. Bavitz Christopher T.
  2. Benabou Valérie-Laure (moderator)
  3. Benhamou Yaniv
  4. Erisskon Maria
  5. Fornage Anne-Christine
  6. Gomez Juan
  7. Hall Daniel – online
  8. MacDonald Michaela
  9. Mantegna Micaela - online
  10. Moreau François - online
  11. Oberson Xavier
  12. Oron Gadi
  13. Riom Loïc (rapporteur)
  14. Strowel Alain

Groupe 3 : Web3 au service des modalités de rémunération / Web3 for a better remuneration (EN)

Group 3 will analyze the potential of Web3 for remuneration (e.g. artistic NFTs or other social tokens automating new forms of remuneration or participation). This will involve analyzing issues such as access to information (metadata, smart contracts), automated remuneration and governance, transaction fees and micro-payment or subscription solutions.


  1. Beloufa Neil
  2. De Filippi Primavera – online
  3. Dimita Gaetano - online
  4. Favreau Amélie (moderator)
  5. Gallley Nicolas
  6. Gauffroy-Naudin Thomas (rapporteur)
  7. Gilliéron Philippe
  8. Guillaume Florence
  9. Launay Aude
  10. Masure Anthony
  11. Riva Sven - online
  12. Schrepel Thibault
  13. Van der Plas Lonneke

Groupe 4 : Rôle des sociétés de gestion / Role of collective management organizations (FR)

Group 4 will analyze the role of copyright organizations in the value chain, in particular whether and how they can be adapted in the light of new modes of creation and distribution (e.g. streaming, artistic and participative NFTs). This will involve analyzing new models of "data cooperatives" (data trusts) aimed at pooling certain data to calculate remuneration, as well as new modes of organization and cooperation such as DAOs.


  1. Branco Sergio
  2. Emery Anaïs
  3. Felisberto Honor (rapporteur)
  4. Kübler Philip
  5. Lanteri Paolo
  6. Mallard Grégoire
  7. Mazziotti Giuseppe
  8. Salvadé Vincent
  9. Kraus Daniel
  10. Voisin Margot
  11. Young Frédéric (moderator)