Research Handbook on Intellectual Property Licensing

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‘Transactions involving intellectual property whether by way of out-and-out assignment or by one of the myriad variants of licensing which are possible, are really really important – they help the world of business go round. But such transactions can be complex with things like national rules preventing alienation getting in the way of bargains people wish to make. So it is quite astonishing how sparse the literature on the subject is – particularly literature taking a comparative view. This book is perhaps the very first of its kind, taking as it does perspectives from the major legal systems of the world. Moreover its distinguished authors have not written in a technical or abstruse way – as academics (and some judges) can all too easily do. Far from it. This book is readable – and anyone concerned with intellectual property licensing should read it and will find it a pleasure to do so. They will also learn a lot about some of the pitfalls and bear-traps to be found around the world. At UCL we have recognised the importance of this subject. This book will be on our students’ reading list.’

– The Rt. Hon. Sir Robin Jacob, UCL Faculty of Laws, UK

‘IP licensing underpins the information economy. This impressive book brings together leading academic lawyers and practitioners from a range of key jurisdictions to explore a number of major current issues. The book is both thoughtful and practical and it is not afraid to call for greater harmonization of IP licensing law. It is a must have for all those involved in the field.’

– Simon Stokes, Blake Lapthorn

‘The Handbook brings together a unique collection of world renowned experts providing detailed discussion in every chapter. The brilliance of this collective work is found in its broad two dimensional focus – beyond patents to all key IP assets on the one hand, and country specific discussion for key regions around the world on the other . . . Whether read cover-to-cover as a compilation of current best practice or used as a true reference guide, the Research Handbook on Intellectual Property Licensing is a must have for anyone seeking to capture value from intangible assets.’

– From the foreword by James E. Malackowski, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Ocean Tomo, LLC

Phillip Taylor MBE and Elizabeth Taylor of Richmond Green Chambers: "Doing business internationally ? Probably the first of its kind, this book explores IP licensingacross a range of jurisdictions", The Barrister Magazine

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Dr. Raman Mittal, Associate Professor, Faculty of Law, University of Delhi: Book review published in LES Global News

Lucie Guibault, Associate Professor at the Institute for Information Law, University of Amsterdam: Book review published in JIPITEC


Dr Thomas Adam, Simmons & Simmons LLP, Munich Germany Excerpts of the book Review published in IIC (2015), 46:749-753
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Werner Stieger, Dr. iur., Rechtsanwalt in Zürich: „Auf dem Weg zu einem international harmonisierten Lizenzvertragsrecht“, published in: sic! 2015, p. 335