Projet KAKUMA - Children's rights

Since September 2018, refugees studying with InZone in Kakuma and students from the Universities of Geneva and Kenyatta have been collaborating to create a training on children’s rights in the refugee camp of Kakuma. Field research was conducted that highlighted some of the most pressing issues regarding children in the camp. From this research, the themes selected for the training were the hearing process, sexual violence and early marriage, as well as access to education.

The training was created for elders and zone leaders because of their role in resolving conflict within and between communities. The aim of the training was to share knowledge on international and national law . The training also created a platform to discuss concrete steps to take in order to improve the implementation of children’s rights in Kakuma. The week of training took place from March 25th to 29th 2019 and was filled with discussions and ideas from all the participants.

During the design of the training, one of the students concern was to make sure that something tangible would come out of the training, something that contained what was discussed during the week and could be used by you, the elders and zone leaders, day to day. This is why this booklet was created. It contains an explanation of the ‘best interests of the child’ principle as well as legal bases, participants’ recommendations from elders and zone leaders who were present at the training week and other relevant informations regarding each theme in Kiswahili and English.

On behalf of all the students,
Aurore Peirolo
Jérémie Heussi

29 oct. 2019