Lecture on International Intellectual Property Law

Durée par semaine
Nb crédits*
5041 CR
2 h de cours
CR 2h automne, Ve 12-14, Uni-Mail, M R170


BENHAMOU Yaniv, chargé-e de cours, coordonnées professionnelles


The goal of this course is to explore and discuss the general principles and the key instruments of international intellectual property law. This course will also discuss the challenges of solving international intellectual property disputes before state courts or other dispute settlement bodies (including arbitration and alternative dispute resolution systems). It will offer an opportunity to analyze substantive intellectual property law issues, procedural law and enforcement issues (including conflict of laws in intellectual property disputes) from a comparative perspective in the light of international legal instruments (specifically WIPO and WTO materials) and of case law coming from various legal systems (particularly North America, Europe and Asia). The course is open to students who have basic knowlegde of intellectual property law (including those who have completed or are enrolled in an IP course), whereby the students are expected to actively participate in classroom discussions.

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