Internet & IT Law

Durée par semaine
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5148 CR
2 h de cours
CR 2h printemps, Je 10-12, Uni-Mail, M R060



BOVET Christian, professeur-e ordinaire, coordonnées professionnelles

DE WERRA Jacques, professeur-e ordinaire/vice-recteur-trice, coordonnées professionnelles


Information technology (IT) and, more particularly, internet play a central role in today's economy as well as in our daily life. Understanding major legal issues relating to IT systems and internet and their use as means of communication constitutes a challenge for many practitioners, courts and legal scholars. This course will explore selected facets of this vast topic in a transversal manner by analyzing issues covering both regulations (telecommunications infrastructures, competition law, etc.) and private law (contract law, intellectual property law, privacy, etc.).

The course will be based on lectures (some made by guest speakers) and materials (regulations, case law, etc.) that will be discussed in class in an interactive way.


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