Projets en cours

Deciphering the role of freshwater phytoplankton in metallic nanoparticle transformations (DEEPEN)


In the present project we address a major research gap in the environmental nanoscience concerning the possible controls of phytoplankton on nanoparticle transformations in freshwater environments underpinned by taking advantage of the combined use and enhanced analytical capabilities of hyphenated AF4-UV-Vis-FL-ICP-MS technologies, stable isotope labeling and metabolomics.

  • Funding: Swiss National Science Foundation
  • UniGe Responsible : Prof. Vera Slaveykova
  • Collaborators: Mrs. Arin Kantarciyan, Mr. Rocco Gasco, Dr Ines Segovia Campos and Dr. Isabelle Worms
  • Partner : Prof. Arturo Keller, Mrs Weiwei Li, University of California Santa Barbara, USA



Assessing the impact of nano- and microplastics on freshwater plankton

Project plastics 319X210.jpg

In this project we explore the impact of nano- and microplastics of different composition in freshwater ecosystems. The specific emphasis is on the understanding the nano-, microplastic-induced effects on the planktonic species at the base of the food web, such as phyto- and zooplankton and possible consequences for ecosystem services and biogeochemical cycles.

  • Funding: University of Geneva
  • UniGe Responsible : Prof. Vera Slaveykova
  • Collaborators: Mrs. Matea Marelja
  • Partner : Prof. Bas Ibelings, UNIGE



Towards better understanding of the adverse outcome pathways of silver nanoparticles in freshwater gastropods (NANOPATHS)

This project aims to get deeper knowledge on the basic mechanisms governing the biological responses of aquatic invertebrates to nanoparticles exposure under freshwater settings and to propose adverse outcome pathways for freshwater gastropods.
  • Funding: Swiss National Science Foundation
  • UniGe Responsible : Dr. Wei Liu
  • PhD student : Ting Wang
  • Partners: Prof. Vera Slaveykova, Dr. Mylène Docquier (Genomic platform iG3), Dr. Isabelle Worms, Dr. Emmanuel Castella.




Exploring the interaction of mercury species with different diatoms

This project aims to attain insights about the role of diatoms (phytoplankton group) in the Hg cycle on freshwater systems. Bioaccumulation, kinetics and prevailing mechanisms of Hg biotic transformation pathways mediated by mainly Cyclotella meneghiniana under different conditions will be determined. Physiological endpoints will also be determined under different mercury concentrations and species to understand how it affects this organism. In parallel, transcriptomic and metabolomic techniques will be applied to explore the affected pathways.
  • Funding: University of Geneva and Swiss National Science Foundation
  • UniGe Responsible : Prof. Vera Slaveykova
  • PhD student : M. João Santos



Green Breath Box : Insights into biogeochemical cycles, environment, and sustainability






Interaction of nanoparticles with metalloproteins


  • The project studies the interaction of nanoparticles (AgNPs and AuNPs) with metalloproteins by focusing on the formation of nanoparticles-protein corona (dynamic vs. static), the behaviour of the NPs and the related consequences for the protein in terms of conformation change and its biological function.
  • Funding : University of Geneva
  • UniGe Responsible : Prof. Vera Slaveykova
  • Collaborators : Dr. Wei Liu and Dr. Isabelle Worms