Raisons Educatives 23

Written verbalizations in teacher education: from explicit cues to more implicit indicators of professional development
 Kristine Balslev, FPSE-SSED, Université de Genève

Sandra Pellanda Dieci, IUFE, Université de Genève

Walther Tessaro, FPSE-SSED, Université de Genève

In teacher education, written verbalizations are both tools for professional development and means for the learners to show their professional growth. These verbalizations contain both traces of development that the students choose to show and more implicit indicators that discursive analysis can reveal. This article presents the particularities of reflective writing and the characteristics of two writing professional development devices for primary and secondary school teachers. It analyses these written verbalizations according to the levels of reading. Our findings/results show that a large number of students report regulated actions but no conceptions or values. It then focuses on indicators of professional development that can be perceived through discursive analysis.