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Chaoborus are shown to have a negative impact on lake ecology

Phantom midge larvae Chaoborus spp. are prevalent in eutrophic lakes globally. The insects diurnally migrate, and dwell in the sediments during the day - bioturbating the sediments. We found that their respiration can significantly increase sediment and water column oxygen demand. Furthermore, the migrating larvae trap and sustain internal nutrition loading across the sediment-water interface. Effective lake management through nutrient reduction is therefore needed to control or reduce Chaoborus populations.

Tang, K. W.; Flury, S.; Grossart, H.-P.; McGinnis, D. F., (2017) The Chaoborus pump: Migrating phantom midge larvae sustain hypolimnetic oxygen deficiency and nutrient internal loading in lakes. Water Research, 122, 36-41.


6 Jun 2017

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