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Congratulations to Mrs Amandine Laffite, PhD student at the Department F.-A. Forel, for obtaining SETAC Young Scientist Award 2017

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The SETAC Young Scientist Award 2017 for the best poster presentation was attributed to Mrs Amandine Laffite at the SETAC Europe 27th Annual Meeting held in Brussels, between 7 and 11th of May 2017. Amandine is a  PhD student working on the epidemiology of antibiotic resistance in Sub-Saharan African Countries in non-clinical environment under supervision of Dr. J. Poté and prof. V. Slaveykova. Her results highlight the great abundance of pathogens and clinically relevant antibiotic resistant genes in river receiving systems. Several human actions can explain the prevalence and dissemination of antibiotic resistance including inappropriate and no regulation of the use of antimicrobial drugs, open defecation, unregulated hospital effluent discharges as well as inadequate sewage collection.

18 May 2017

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