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Monday 6 november : Film & Roud Table "Sailing for Mangroves"

Monday, 6 november | 6-8 pm | Sciences II, A300
Sciences II, Quai Ernest-Ansermet 30, 1205 Genève

Film & Round Table

January 2023. The 30-meters sailing ship Mauritius plunges into the heart of the mangrove forests along the Gambia River. On board, scientists from various backgrounds, students and sailors, together on a mission: produce a better understanding of the forests and the transformations they may undergo as a result of climate change. The stakes are high. Mangroves not only benefit flora and fauna. They are an essential source of income for local people and a natural protection against erosion and storms.

This round table discussion preceded by a documentary film retraces the adventures and challenges faced by the “Sailing for Mangroves” expedition. Along the scientific aspects of the project, the panelists will highlight their aspirations to train the next generation of environmental stewards, connecting decision makers with up-to-date science, and inspiring communities to understand and protect the ecosystems that we all depend on.

17 Oct 2023

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