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New collaborative project: "PHUSICOS - According to Nature"


The Environmental Governance and Territorial Development Hub/Institute (GEDT) has recently became a project partner in PHUSICOS, a collaborative project funded by the European Commission.

The PHUSICOS project, meaning ‘According to nature’, in Greek, will demonstrate how nature-inspired solutions reduce the risk of extreme weather events in rural mountain landscapes. The focus is on demonstrating the effectiveness of nature-based solutions (NBSs) and their ability to reduce the impacts from small, frequent events (extensive risks) in rural mountain landscapes. Nature-based solutions are cost-effective and sustainable measures inspired by nature that attenuate, and in some cases prevent, the impacts of natural hazard events and thereby the risks that affect the exposed regions.

Within this research project, Anna Scolobig and Jörg Balsiger, respectively scientific collaborator and Director of the Hub/Institute GEDT, will coordinate all activities surrounding the Policy Business Forum and will be key contributors to the Work Package on Governance Innovation.

More detailed information on PHUSICOS can be found on the GEDT projects webpage.

5 mars 2019
  Actualités 2019