Dao Hy


Hy Dao holds a post-graduate diploma from the International Institute for Aerospace Surveys and Earth Sciences (ITC, Enschede, The Netherlands) and a PhD in human geography from the University of Geneva. He is Professor at the Department of Geography and environment (University of Geneva). He is also heading the Metadata and Socio-Economics unit at GRID-Geneva (United Nations Environment Programme). His fields of activities include sustainable development indicators, risk assessment, Planetary Boundaries, population mapping, e-learning.

Curriculum Vitae

Fields of activity

  • Geographic information | semiology of graphics
  • Risk assessment | planetary boundaries | population mapping | sustainable territorial development | territorial cohesion
  • Indicators | webmapping | spatial data infrastructures | e-learning

Research areas

  • Planetary Boundaries: territorial downscaling
  • Territorial cohesion: development of indicators
  • Environmental risks: quantitative modelling


  • T206024 Cartographie : données, méthodes, sémiologie

  • 14E211 MTH_Modélisation numérique (modélisation 2) 

  • T406290 Information géographique  

  • T406034 GEOTOOLS-RS:  télédétection et traitement d'images

  • T406084 SPACE-Planning: cartographie et aménagement

  • T406089 SPACE-Geography: analyse spatiale en géographie


Continuing education

Other functions



  • TRACES (2021-2025, Swiss National Science Foundation, project leader) : Semantic Environmental Trajectories of Territories.
  • Big Data and geospatial technologies in support of environmental monitoring and governance towards addressing SDGs 13, 14 and 15.3 (2023-2024, Swiss National Science Foundation, project leader).
  • Géoportail CATI-GE (2020-…, Université de Genève, Canton de Genève, responsable de projet) : indicateurs pour l’analyse territoriale des inégalités à Genève.






Prof. Hy Dao

Professeur titulaire

+41 22 379 08 78