Matthey Laurent

  Associate professor at the University of Geneva since 2014, Laurent Matthey is in charge of the master’s programme in Urban and Regional Planning. He also codirects the UNIGE-EPFL MAS in Urban Planning. His research, which lies at the intersection of ethnography and literary studies, looks at the political issues that pertain to the narrative making of the city. He is a member of the EspaceSuisse board and the RAMAU scientific council.


Laurent Matthey’s research activities belong to the general field of the epistemology of urban planning knowledge and practices. They are divided into two strands: the first relates to planning discourse studies, and the second to the ethnography of urban projects.



Planning discourse studies, narratology, urban planning professions, epistemology of urban studies.

Current projects

  • The Narrative Making of the City. Funding: FNS-COST 18126 – Writing Urban Places. [more info]
  • Developing housing cooperatives in Greater Geneva. In collaboration with Université Savoie Mont Blanc. Funding: Interreg V France-Suisse. [more info]

Ongoing commissioned studies

  • Study on urban and social quality. Comparative analysis of three districts: Mervelet, Pommier, and Marbriers. In collaboration with the Chôros rhizome. Commissioned by: Urban Planning Office of the Republic and Canton of Geneva.
  • Pont-Rouge district of Lancy: an analysis of local social cohesion in an urban environment (joint application). In collaboration with Simon Gaberell (HETS, Geneva). Commissioned by: Office for the Integration of Foreigners.
  • Study of the climatic resilience of the municipality of Lancy. Commissioned by: City of Lancy, Cantonal Service for Sustainable Development, Urban Planning Office of the Republic and Canton of Geneva.

Commissioned studies completed (examples)

  • Socio-urban day/night study of Place Chauderon, Lausanne. Commissioned by: Roads and Mobility Service of the City of Lausanne.
  • Inventory of sports facilities in the Canton of Geneva. Commissioned by: Geneva Cantonal Office for Culture and Sports. [more info]
  • The Engagement of Lausanne’s Migrant Associations. Between Continuity and Innovation. Commissioned by: Lausanne Office for Immigrants. [more info]
  • Landscape design of the Canton of Geneva. In collaboration with the architecture and urban planning agency Paysage n’co and the landscape architect Philippe Convercey. Commissioned by: Environment, Transport, and Agriculture Department of the Republic and Canton of Geneva. [more info]
  • Being an Urban Planner. Socio-demography of a Professional Field. Commissioned by: R-EMU. [more info]


  • T206006 BGEO Géographies de la métropole : diagnostic, aménagement, environnement (cours) 
  • T206059 BGEO Géographie et écologie urbaine : histoire, politique, aménagement (cours)

  • T406020 MDT Séminaire décloisonné en aménagement du territoire et urbanisme (cours)
  • T406038 MDT Atelier de prospective urbaine (atelier)
  • T406025 MDT Histoire et théorie de l'urbanisme (cours)
  • CAS Thèmes et échelles de l'urbanisme de l'urbanisme (cours et atelier)
  • CAS Urbanisme opérationnel et opérateurs urbains (cours et atelier)




Prof. Laurent Matthey

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