Rudaz Morgane


Morgane Rudaz is a PhD candidate and teaching assistant affiliated to the Institute of Environmental Governance and Territorial Development and to the Institute of Gender Studies of the University of Geneva since October 2021.

She holds a Bachelor's degree (BA) in Geography and Environment from the University of Geneva and graduated from University College Dublin with a Master's degree (MSc) in Critical Geographies.



Morgane has begun a PhD at the intersection of Urban studies and Gender studies. Her thesis focuses on the spatial strategies employed by feminist activists during their militant actions, as well as on the social processes in which these collectives frame their practices. Morgane is specifically interested in the movement of the Collages Féminicides, also known as Collages Féministes. Her thesis is co-supervised by Prof. Laurent Matthey and Prof. Marylène Lieber.


Research interests

Feminist Geographies and Sociology of Gender ; Urban studies ; Feminist and Queer Theories ; Social movement studies ; Public space(s) ; Public art(ivism).



  • T100003 Séminaire d'introduction aux méthodes quantitatives
  • T200001 Séminaire de méthodes quantitatives


Mme Morgane Rudaz

PhD candidate

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