Awards & Distinctions



Prof. Elvezio Ronchetti
has been named Fellow of the Institute of Mathematical Statistics (IMS).

Prof. Markus Menz 
has been invited to join the Editorial Board of the Journal of Management.



Awards & prizes

Prof. Giacomo De Giorgi 
was awarded the Excellence in Refereeing Award 2017 conferred by the American Economic Review.

Prof. Rajna Gibson Brandon and Prof. Philipp Krueger
were awarded with the Best Quantitative Paper Prize (2017) at the PRI Academic Network Conference in Berlin for their research paper "the sustainability footprint of institutional investors".

Prof. Salvatore Di Falco 
received the Best paper Award at the XV Congress (2017) of the European Association of Agricultural Economists for his paper entitled "Time Variant Risk Preferences In Agriculture: Evidences From Italy" co-authored with two ETHZ Professors: Martina Bozzola et Robert Finger.

Prof. Martin Hoesli 
received the Prize for the best paper in the Real Estate Market Analysis category presented at the 2017 American Real Estate Society Conference.  The paper is entitled “Revisiting the House Price-Income Relationship”.

Paola Pederzoli
, a PhD candidate, and Prof. Olivier Scaillet 
won the prize for the Swiss Derivative Award 2017 with their paper : "Early Exercise Decision in American Options with Dividends, Stochastic Volatility and Jumps".

Elisabeth Pröhl
, teaching assistant and PhD candidate, 
won the James B. Ramsey Prize for the best doctoral paper in econometrics at the Annual Symposium of the Society for Nonlinear Dynamics and Econometrics.


Prof. Jaya Krishnakumar 
has been invited to serve as a member of the Advisory Panel for the 2017 Human Development Report (HDR).

Prof. Frédéric Robert-Nicoud 
has been appointed Editor of the Journal of Economic Geography.

Prof. Olivier Scaillet 
has accepted the position of Associate Editor of the Journal of Econometrics.

Prof. Martin Hoesli 
has been elected President of the International Real Estate Society.



Prof. Giacomo De Giorgi
was awarded the Excellence in Refereeing Award 2016 conferred by the American Economic Review.



Prof. Olivier Scaillet
was appointed Treasurer of the European Standing Committee of the Econometric Society.

Prof. Frédéric Robert-Nicoud
has been invited to become a member of the Conseil scientifique des économistes of the Société du Grand Paris.



Prof. Michele Pellizzari 
was awarded the Royal Economic Society Prize for the Best Paper published in the Economic Journal in 2014 for his paper, co-authored with Prof. Giacomo De Giorgi: Understanding Social Interactions: Evidence from the Classroom. The Economic Journal, 124(579), 917-953.

Prof. Tony Berrada
received the Best paper award - mathematical finance days Montréal - 2014

Prof. Salvatore Di Falco
won the International Geneva Award awarded by the Swiss Network for International Studies (SNIS) for his paper: How Can African Agriculture Adapt to Climate Change? A Counterfactual Analysis from Ethiopia"  published in Land Economics.

Prof. Rajna Gibson Brandon & Prof. Ines Chaieb
together with Prof. Vihang Errunza, received a prize from the Dauphine-Amundi chair in Asset Management for their paper Integration of Sovereign Bonds Markets: Time Variation and Maturity Effects.

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