Honors Program

The Institute of Economics and Econometrics has set up an honors program for Bachelor students enrolled in GSEM courses. This program allows a selected number of exceptional students to work in close collaboration with IEE faculty on current research projects.



This program offers a unique and distinctive learning environment and aims to promote student knowledge of academic research by providing close contact with faculty and researchers. Amongst other activities, students attend the IEE weekly research seminars where internationally renowned scholars discuss their ongoing research.



Students of the Honors Program are selected based on their strong interest in research and their outstanding grades in the fields of economics, econometrics, and statistics.

They share an office located within the Institute of Economics and Econometrics for close interaction with faculty and Ph.D. students, igniting novel research ideas.



Honors Program


Jinyu (Joanna) RUAN

Participant in the 2020/2021 program

"Joining the IEE Honors Program was one of the best experiences during my time at the Geneva School of Economics and Management.

It is a door, one that gives you direct access to the true, current, world of research in economics.
It is a time machine, one that allows you to leap ahead of your Bachelors and work side by side with professors and Ph.D. students.
It is a bridge, between the theories learned in class and practice.
It is a network, that allows you to connect with other like-minded and ambitious individuals.

I learned and gained so much from this program, from the diverse set of seminars on all sorts of topics related to economics (just look at the agenda!), the exchanges afterwards, the constant support of two wonderful professors, and the hands-on experience in research."



Participant in the 2019/2020 program

"Through the Honors Program I was able to deepen my knowledge in economics, push myself to further limits, and create invaluable connections with experts in the field. The professors created an easy atmosphere of learning by taking the time to explain and discuss questions after every seminar and were always there for career or general advice. In addition, the program brought the five of us closer together by equally pushing and supporting each other. To me, the program was the best part of this last bachelor’s year and I am so grateful to have been given the chance to take a part in it."


Ludovic NICOUD

Participant in the 2019/2020 program

"The Honors Program was a unique opportunity to discover the research activity of the institute while gaining research experience in my field of interest. I had the chance to attend the Institute's weekly research seminars where internationally renowned professors presented their work, this was really challenging and intellectually stimulating.  Through the research assistant position I was able to specify my interest and deepen my knowledge in economics. The professors were really willing to advise us and to answer any of our questions regarding the program, the seminars or the research project. The Honors program was definitely the best experience of my bachelor degree."


Vincent PALLUD

Participant in the 2019/2020 program

"The Honor Program embodies the primary purpose and etymology of education: to guide. Undeniably the best experience of the Bachelor, this program offers a close collaboration between motivated students and dedicated professors. The weekly seminars and the position of assistant of research open the gates to the academic world which seems so inaccessible. Surrounded by diligent comrades and invested professors, I managed to satisfy my thirst for knowledge while developing the rigor necessary for any researcher. Thanks for this great adventure!"

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