Our research environment combines profound knowledge of the principles governing modern economics and rigorous statistical and econometric tools. These attributes help the Institute be established as a center of excellence in applied economics and econometrics, in domains ranging from international trade to labor markets and migration, to development and environmental issues, to banking and finance, to panel data and time series models, and so on.

The Institute’s research is not only limited to publications in top scientific journals, but also consists in collaborative work with many of the international organizations located in Geneva and elsewhere, such as the World Trade Organization, UNCTAD, the International Labor Organization, the United Nations Development Program, the International Trade Center, the World Bank, CIMMYT, and the World Intellectual Property Organization. Weekly seminars, conferences, joint research projects, and internships allow the Institute to have a significant positive impact outside the scientific community.

Our researchers are also committed to helping the cause of a better world with many of them advising international organizations, national and local governments in both developing and developed countries on topics that range from inequality, poverty, unemployment, and human development to socio-economic impacts of desertification, export promotion, diversification, and globalization, as well as on modeling issues.


Research video series


Are tests a good way of measuring ability?

In this video, Professor Caterina Calsamiglia presents her research aiming at answering the following question: to what extent does one exam predict how well you will do at college?

20 October 2021


Trade Policies, Labor Concerns, and the Protectionist Backlash

In this video, Professors Céline Carrère, Monika Mrázová and Frédéric Robert-Nicoud present their research on how the current rise in protectionism impacts trade and labor.

19 October 2021


Distance Learning in Higher Education. Evidence from a Randomized Experiment

In this video, Professors Jérémy Lucchetti and Michele Pellizzari present their research on the effects of distance learning in higher education. It shows that the overall impact of online learning is to deepen inequalities between more and less able students.

23 June 2021

   2021.06_Lucchetti_Pellizzari Video_YouTube.png

Sovereign debt sustainability in advanced economies

In this video, Professor Jean-Charles Rochet presents his research on sovereign debt aimed at answering the following question: what is the maximum debt-to-GDP ratio that is sustainable by a government?

10 June 2021



SELECTED publications


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Three Essays on Development, Environmental, and Behavioural Economics (Doku, A. Y. 2021)

Essais on interstate conflict and international trade (Flores Gonzalez, M. 2021)

Three Essays on Resource Allocation in China (Ouyang, D. 2021)

Labor Market Policies in Informal Labor Markets (Pignatti, C. 2021)

Essays on environmental and urban economics (Mahajan, A. 2020)

Three essays on the Chinese economy (Yuan, W. 2020)

Three Essays on Trade Policy (Solleder, J.-M. 2020)

Essays in international trade (Wichmann, E. 2020)

Skills, tasks and skill-biased technological change in cities (Hug, J. 2019)

Four essays in behavioral economics and information security (Döll, O. 2019)

Three essays on the economics of immigration (Nguyen, T. 2018)

Essays in trade and urban economics (Grujovic, A. 2018)


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Contributions to the theory and practice of latent variable modelling and causal inference (Falciola, J. 2021)

Poverty, inequality, and networks: new approaches for operationalization (Vargas Yanez, I. 2021)

Essays on equality of opportunity (Essais sur l’égalité des chances) (Javadekar, S. S. 2020)

Heretogeneity and international economics (Trachsel, V. 2018)

Heterogeneous coefficient identification and estimation in econometric models (Theler, R. 2018)

Varying coefficient models in presence of endogeneity (Benini, G. 2017)


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