In today’s dynamic business environment, the quest for competitive advantage becomes ever more difficult. Small as well as large companies need to acquire tools to systematically analyze the industrial ecosystem and consumer behavior, understand digitalization opportunities and challenges, and swiftly adapt to change. The ability to tap into knowledge pools and to integrate new ideas from diverse countries and contexts becomes a critical prerequisite for success, as companies experiment with new corporate structures, coordination and control mechanisms, and establish partnerships with stakeholders in the public and private sector.

The Institute of Management addresses these pertinent questions by conducting research that is inspired by today’s practical challenges and seeks to contribute to debates with businesses and policymakers. Our research is driven by the desire to develop new perspectives and rigorous methodologies that further inspiring and thoughtful scholarship. It spans research activities in Business Analytics, Business Law, Decision Sciences, Human Resource Management, International Management, Marketing, Operations Management, Strategy, and Sustainability.


SELECTED publications

Ambos, T. C., & Tatarinov, K. (2021)
Building Responsible Innovation in International Organizations through Intrapreneurship.
Journal of Management Studies.

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Tabu search for a parallel-machine scheduling problem with periodic maintenance, job rejection and weighted sum of completion times. Journal of Scheduling.

Menz, M., Kunisch, S., Birkinshaw, J., Collis, D. J., Foss, N. J., Hoskisson, R. E., & Prescott, J. E. (2021)
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Journal of Management Studies.

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Strategic Decision Making in the Digital Age: Expert Sentiment and Corporate Capital Allocation. 
Journal of Management Studies

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Managing Interrelated Tensions in Headquarters-Subsidiary Relationships: The Case of a Multinational Hybrid Organization
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The Past, History, and Corporate Social Responsibility
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Vie, M.-S., Zufferey, N., & Cordeau, J.-F. (2019)
Solving the Wire-Harness Design Problem at a European car manufacturer
European Journal of Operational Research, 272
(2), 712–724.

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Recent Ph.D. Theses


Nonprofit Business Models: A Bourdieusian Perspective (Cotterlaz-Rannard, G. 2021)

Organizing the Multinational Hybrid Organization: The Next Step in Organizing for Sustainable Value (Fuchs, S. H. 2021)

Managing, structuring and scaling innovation in international organizations (Tatarinov, K. 2021)

Multi-neighborhood local searches for industrial problems in production, transportation and distribution (Vie, M.-S. 2020)

Customers’ Experienced Product Quality: Conceptualization and Operationalization of a Multidimensional Measure of Product Quality (Das Guru, R. R. 2020)

Essays on Voluntary CEO Departure (Darouichi, A. 2020)

The Role of Stakeholder Sentiment in Strategic Decision-Making: a Behavioral Perspective (Nauhaus, S. 2020)

Artificial intelligence in organizations: strategy and decision making in the digital age (Krakowski, S. 2020)

Relevant consumer research: prediction, explanation and replication (Krefeld-Schwalb, A. 2020

Working with institutional complexity: a study of cross-sector partnerships (Karakulak, O. 2019)

Three essays on product defects, recovery effects and quality perception (Catenazzo, G. 2018)

The roles of different stakeholders for sustainable value creation (Hiquet, R. 2018)


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