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i2i Hub: for Innovation and Intrapreneurship


The i2i Hub seeks to:

  • act as a catalyst for innovation in International Organizations
  • connect innovators from different organizations, including private and public sector
  • spur and disseminate ideas to create impact
  • be a place for eye-to-eye (i2i) exchange of knowledge


The Demand for Generating and Sharing Knowledge in Geneva International organizations are increasingly embracing innovation strategies and initiatives as a way to renew and remain relevant in today’s changing environment. Intrapreneurship is a critical driver of this innovation but often organizations struggle to inspire such behavior and are lacking the structures to catalyze innovative ideas.

To address this challenge, we conduct systematic research to understand which factors help innovation thrive in international organizations. We disseminate this knowledge in order to support innovation leaders and enable organizations to learn from each other and implement best practices. The i2i Hub provides a knowledge sharing platform in the area of innovation at the service of international organizations in Geneva, while including private and public sector organizations who are important stakeholders and collaborators.

The SDGs are unlikely to be met by 2030 without rapid, all-encompassing innovation. There is demand in Geneva by International Organizations for a platform that connects International Organizations as well as (International) NGOs and private sector to share innovation best practices, systematically collect data and disseminate results. Currently, there is a lack of communication between International Organizations. As many organizations reflect on their innovation journeys, there is a need for learning and input from academia, as a neutral convener.


In the i2i Hub pilot phase, we are offering to support organizations through the particular challenges of their innovation journey by facilitating discussions and by proving customized input for shaping innovation activities. We pursue an inclusive approach encompassing all stakeholders of the organization, starting by priority setting with top management to middle management and staff as well as external stakeholders critical to the co-creation of innovation.

Three pronged approach:




1) HEAR: The Strategic base (1 day for decision makers/innovation leaders): setting priorities in the innovation strategy that align the mission and the needs of the organization - how to structure, organize, and foster innovation. We combine our insights from IOs, NGOs and private sector with learnings of the UN Innovation Network to help organizations lay the foundations and set an organizational innovation roadmap. We address questions, such as: What are suitable structures for innovation in my organization? How do I help foster innovation from the top? What are the incentives and performance metrics that will move my organizations forward?

2) CREATE: The Innovation design base (1 day for innovation leaders and key staff involved in innovation work): changing structures, processes and culture is an organization-wide effort. Participants engage with the latest innovation principles (such a human centered design, customer journey, understanding the end user) and assess their value for their organization to capitalize on innovation without making it an end in itself. We address questions, such as: How can we incentivize innovation while pursuing organizational priorities? How to identify initiatives with potential and support them? What are organizational mechanisms for scaling ideas? How can we work across divisions and units?

3) DELIVER: Customized Analyses and Roadmap for Implementation (1/2 day feedback circle for decision makers/innovation leaders)
Based on the results of the customized facilitation process, we provide analyses and recommendations that will be debriefed in a ½ day intervention to co-develop a roadmap for implementation.

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