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Conférence dans le cadre du séminaire sur l'Ukraine contemporaine (5 décembre 2019)

Le philosophe et politologue Mikhailo Minakov interviendra dans le séminaire d'Eric Aunoble le jeudi 5 décembre 2019 (PHIL-106, 14h15-15h45) sur le thème

Post-Soviet de facto states in World-System

Conférence en anglais sans traduction 

Post-Soviet de facto states in World-System
Mykhailo Minakov will focus on the status of post-Soviet non-recognised states, viewed through the lens of world-system analysis. The author interprets non-recognised states as an ‘extreme ‘periphery’ in relation to ‘the centre’ with its legitimate periphery, international law and global order. The author argues that even though post-Soviet non-recognised states emerged from national movements in a collapsing USSR, with the aim of legitimately building new nation states, in time, they turned into polities that oppose international law and global order. This opposition creates a state model that has proved to be sustainable in spite of conflicts and sanctions, and that proliferates across the region. The recent creation of the Russian-backed so-called ‘Donetsk People’s Republic’ (‘DPR’) and ‘Lugansk People’s Republic’ (‘LPR’) in Eastern Donbas will serve as a case study for the analysis.

25 novembre 2019
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