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Olga L. Lizzini

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My area of research is metaphysics, particularly emanation, the definition of the First Principle, the doctrine of causality, and the epistemology of Arabic Neoplatonism.  I published the first Italian translation of Avicenna's Metaphysics(Bompiani 2002, 2nd ed. 2006) as well as various essays on theological and philosophical thought in the mediaeval Arabic world (Alfarabi, Yahyā ibn ‘Adī, Avicenna, al-Ghazali).  For Angeli (Neri Pozza 2009), edited by G. Agamben and E. Coccia, I wrote together with Samuela Pagani, the section on Islamic angelology, my main focus being philosophical angelology.  I am the author of Fluxus (Bari 2011); Avicenna (Rome 2012); together with J-B. Brenet I edited Avicenne?, Epître sur la prophétie (Paris 2018) and La philosophie arabe à l’étude / Studying Arabic Philosophy (Paris 2019). My most recent books are the annotated translation of Yahyā ibn ‘Adī’s “Treatise on the Unity of God” (Rome 2020) and Fonti, Flussi, Onde (Firenze 2022), edited together with M. Lenzi, P. Totaro and L. Valente. 




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