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10 Apr (Colladon) - The meaning of life (flyer)

21-22 March (Maraîchers 606) - How to excel in life? Theories of ‘living well’ before Aristotle (flyer)

7-8 Mars (Délices) - Treizièmes journées d'études internationales des JCM. Le temps recouvré. Mémoire, réminiscences et résurgences au Moyen Âge. Programme

7 Mars (Phil 211) - A la racine de la personne. Oubli et volonté chez Pierre de Jean Olivi. (Affiche)

23-24 February (Colladon) - Perspectives on Time (program)


7-8 December (Colladon) - Trusting State, Trusting Science Conference

7 December (M5389) - Quantum Foundations - flyer

19-20 October (Colladon) - Warwick-Geneva-Leipzig Interdepartmental Workshop - flyer

29-30 Septembre (UNIL) - Journées d’étude CUSO en philosophie antique et médiévale - flyer

20-23 June 2023 (Ovronnaz, VS) - Metaphysics Beyond Spacetime - flyer

7-14 June 2023 (Ligerz/BE) - Summer school with Kit Fine

25-27 May 2023 (PHIL 211) - States of Affairs - Medieval and Austro-German Perspectives - program - flyer

24-25 May 2023 (UNIL) - Quo Vadis Tempus? Geneva-Lausanne Workshop on Time in Physics and Philosophy - flyer

22-23 May 2023 (PHIL 104) - Time and Contradiction - flyer

15-17 May 2023 (Pinchat) - Imagination and Creativity - flyer

12-13 May 2023 (Fondation Hardt) - Theophrastus, De sensibus: Loci desperati - flyer

3-5 May 2023 (Les Granges/VS) - Argumentation theories : Latin Aristotelian Tradition, 13th-14th Centuries (Analytica priora, Sophistici elenchi, Sophismata) - flyer

21 April 2023 (Colladon) - First Barcelona-Geneva Workshop in Philosophy & Metaphysics of Science - flyer

20 April 2023 (Colladon) - The Little Perspectival Workshop - program

6 Avril 2023 (Colladon) - The Dissonant, the Adverse & the Weird - flyer

2-4 March 2023 (UZH) - Practical Philosophy in the Islamic World, 13th-18th centuries - program


26 OCT 2022 (Maraîchers 001) - Location, Location, Location

5-9 SEPT, 2022 (Bordeaux) - Dealing with Complexity in the Biological and Biomedical Sciences

AUG 31-SEPT 1, 2022 (Phil211) - Modalities in Science: Metaphysical Perspectives

JUL 11-14, 2022 (Fondation Hardt) - Symposium Hellenisticum

JUN 29-JUL 1, 2022 (Morzine) - International Summer Institute in Philosophy of Physics on the Philosophy of Cosmology and the Philosophy of Qantum Gravity, hosted by the University of Geneva-University of Illinois at Chicago Cosmology Beyond Spacetime project - (flyer)

JUN 23-24, 2022 (B108) - The Political Role of Moral Emotions - (programme)

JUN 22, 2022 (B108) - Symposium on 'The Philosophy of Envy'

JUN 19-20, 2022 (B108) - Workshop on Truthmaker Semantics - (flyer)

JUN 15-18, 2022 (Ovronnaz) - Metaphysics of Quantum Gravity - (flyer)

JUN 8-11 (Phil211) - The Character of Temporal Experience - (flyer)

JUN 2-4, 2022 (PHIL211) - Relations. Medieval & Austro-German Perspectives.- (flyer) - Co-organised with GAP.

MAY 31-JUN 2, 2022 (B105) - Colloque jeunes chercheurs de la SoPhA (Société de philosophie analytique) - (flyer)

MAY 23-25, 2022 (B214) - Conference en l’honneur de Ronald de Sousa - (flyer)

MAY 21-23, 2022 (L208) - New Foundations for Physical Geometry - (flyer)

MAY 12, 2022 (B105, 18h15) - Table Ronde: On Aristotle's De Anima

MAY 4-5, 2022 (L405-M3393-MS040) - Filling the Gap: Medieval Aristotelian Logic 1240-1360

APR 29-30, 2022 (Fondation Hardt) - Beyond vision

APR 7-8, 2022 (Colladon) -  Attitudinal Normativity Workshop

MAR 8-10, 2022 (seminar rooms) - The Logic in Philosophy of Science


DEC 10, 2021 ( 1S081 morning, 3079 afternoon) - Philosophy of Science Symposium at the section of Biology

DEC 7-9, 2021 - Winter School: The Logic in Philosophy of Science - flyer - postponed

DEC 2-4, 2021 (Collandon) - Inbegriff - flyer

NOV 11-13, 2021 (Colladon) - The Nature of Quantum Objects

NOV 5-6, 2021 (Fondation Hardt) - Experience and Induction in the Aristotelian Tradition - flyer

JUN 16-17, 2021 (on line) - Philosophy of mind and semantics in Abelard and his contemporaries

JUN 6, 2021 (on line) - Identity in Metaphysics and Philosophy of Science

MAY 6-7, 2021 (on line) - Universals. Austrian & Medieval Perspectives

APR 23, 2021 (on line) - Hume in Austria

MAR 23, 2021 (on line) - First Philosophy of Emotion Essen Lab Workshop (PhEEL 1) - "Beyond Representation: Emotions’ Agential Dimensions"


MAY 15-16, 2020 - Memory and Recollection in Ancient theories of Cognition

MAY 5-6, 2020 - Knowledge and its Limits at 20 - Recordings of the conference talks can be viewed on the UNIGE MediaServer

MAR 6-7, 2020 (Colladon) - On what there was mental being and intentionality - CANCELLED

MAR 19-21, 2020 (Fondation Hardt) - Ancient Logics: From Plato to Aristotle’s Commentators - CANCELLED


NOV 4, 2019 - (B214) - Emotion, Expression, and Language – a Symposium with Mitch Green. Schedule and abstracts

NOV 14-16, 2019 (Crêt-Bérard) - École Doctorale CUSO en Philosophie Antique et Médiévale - flyer

OCT 31, 2019 - (Battelle) - 4th Lake Geneva Graduate Conference LG2C - Programme - Flyer

SEP 17, 2019 - (B214) - Workshop : On What Grounds? Grounding, Dependence, and Fundamentality (

SEP 11-14, 2019 - (UniMail) - EPSA19 - European Philosophy of Science Association - Programme - Book of Abstracts

AUG 5-7, 2019 - (B109) - CUSO Summer School in Recursion theory and Philosophy (

JUIN 13-14, 2019 (B214) - Grammaire et logique dans la modernité philosophique - Flyer - Programme


DEC 7-8, 2018 - (Colladon) - Soul and Nature in Plato's Timaeus

SEPT 10-14, 2018 - Austria - Fifth European Advanced School in the Philosophy of the Life Sciences (EASPLS) - CFP

JULY 19-27, 2018 - Taiwan - 2018 East Asia Summer Institute: From Biological Practice to Scientific Metaphysics

JUNE 15, 2018 (B109) - The Imaginative Workshop - Flyer

JUNE 14-15, 2018 (B111) - Explanatory Power (CFP) - Program

JUNE 4-7, 2018 - (B214) -The Philosophy of Radulphus Brito - Program - Flyer

MAY 29-30, 2018 - Fundamentality in Physics and Metaphysics

MAY 24-26, 2018 (Fondation Hardt) - Eventus in the Semantics and Metaphysics of Peter Abelard - Program & Logical Texts from the Time of Peter Abelard - Program

MAY 17, 2018 (Uni Dufour) - Conference by Fay Dowker, Past, present and future: the science of time - Poster fr en Flyer

APR 19, 2018 (PHIL211, 12-14) - Talk by Catherine Herfeld, Institute of Philosophy and Institute of Sociology, University of Zurich

APR 19-20, 2018 (Colladon) - Femmes et philosophie dans le monde ancien - Programme

JAN 31, 2018 - (L107 - 16.00) - Lecture by the eminent philosopher of physics and of scientific experimentation Allan Franklin

JAN 24, 2018 - (de Saussure) - Seuls dans l'Univers? Qu’est-ce que la vie ? Les enjeux philosophiques

JAN 24, 2018 - (B214) - Inbegriff - L'Esthétique dans la tradition austro-allemande


NOV 23-25, 2017 - (U407-A206) - Sémantique et Psychologie dans la Philosophie Médiévale Arabe et Latine (poster)

NOV 23-24, 2017 - (B111) - Metaphysics sans phrase. 10 years of eidos - the centre for metaphysics

NOV 16-17, 2017 - (A109) - Indeterminism, at the Crossroad of Philosophy and Physics (Details)

OCT 10-11 (Colladon) - lgBIG - the first Bordeaux-Geneva Colloquium in Philosophy of Biology (programme)

SEPT 4 (Landolt L208 - 16.00) Mike Cuffaro (UWO, MCMP) talk 

JULY 7-8 -  Making it (too?) precise

JUNE 18-JULY 1 – (Alberta, Canada) – Summer Institute – From Biological Practice to Scientific Metaphysics: Practices of Individuation and Classification in Science

JUNE 15-17 – (B214) – Anton Marty and Contemporary Philosophy, Program, , poster

JUNE 14 (B101) - Quodlibeta special - Bas van Fraassen (Princeton) - After Hempel’s Dilemma: On the Evidence of Things Unseen

JUNE 12 (B108) - Thumos Seminar - Bas van Fraassen (Princeton) - The Self

JUNE 8-9 (B214) - Simulation and thought experiment

JUNE 1-2 (A206) - Connaissance et intérêt pratique: l'embrayage pragmatique (Détails)

MAY 30-31 (Campus Biotech) - Negative Emotions: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

MAI 18-19 (Fondation Hardt) - L'Edition des Operas Philosophica de Radulphus Brito

MAY 18-19 (Campus Biotech) - International Conference in Affective Sciences

MAY 12-13 (Colladon) - Aristote en Arménie

MAI 12 (B108) - Inbegriff - Phileas - Jocelyn Benoist, “Que ce qui n'existe pas n'existe vraiment pas, même en Sardaigne”

MAY 11 (B108) - Quodlibeta - Jonathan Barnes

MAY 9 (Campus Biotech) - Lecture series - Aaron Meskin (Leeds)

MAI 3 (B111) - Leçon inaugurale: "Emotions et valeurs" - Julien Deonna et Fabrice Teroni

MARS 10, 2017 - (B111) - The Arts, the Emotions and Mental States

MARS 9-11, 2017 - (Fondation Hardt, Vandoeuvres) - Knowledge and Understanding in Aristotle's Posterior Analytics



DECEMBER 15-17 – (Colladon) – Conference – “Ontological Commitment in Medieval Logic”

DECEMBER 13-15 – (Colladon) – Winter School – “Ontological Commitment in Medieval Logic”

DECEMBER 5 – (Mail M2170) – Cycle de conférence GGPH : Art et philosophieVers une poésie interstellaire

NOVEMBER 11-12 - (B111) - Workshop Kinds of Indeterminacy

OCTOBER 27 – (B108) – 18h – Quodlibeta: Claudio Calosi (University of Neuchâtel) on "Composition is Identity. Logic, Semantics, Identity"

OCTOBER 20-21 (Fondation Hardt, Geneva) Theories of Language and Meaning in Ancient Philosophy

OCTOBER 18 – (Biotech) – 12h15 – Prof. Alison Denham (Tulane University & The University of Oxford), will offer the talk “Cognitive Disintegration, Agency & Attachment”  CONFERENCE ANNULEE

SEPTEMBER 15-17 – (TBD - Geneva) : Society for the Metaphysics of Science - 2nd Annual Conference (CFP)

SEPTEMBER 15-17 – (TBD - Geneva) SSPh : Philosophy and its History  (CFP) - poster

SEPTEMBER 13-14 – (Colladon) : Ground in Philosophy of Science - SMS Satellite Conference (Programme, CFP, Booklet)
SEPTEMBER 5-9 – (Klostenburg) : EASPLS - Function and Malfunction in Biology and the Social Sciences (CFP) 

AUGUST 1-12 – (Basel) : 2016 Summer Institute: Reconceiving and Explaining the Success of Science (Details)

JULY 7-8 - (Colladon, Geneva) - Workshop "Grounding in Ancient and Medieval Philosophy" - poster

JULY 6 - (Colladon, Geneva) - Workshop "Inbegriff"

JUNE 2-3 (B105) Workshop: "Experience, Values, and Justification" - poster

MAY 28-29 – (University of Fribourg) – Colloqium : Modes | Contents (poster)

MAY 27 – (Philosophy Department) – Lake Geneva Graduate Conference website

MAY 25-26 – (Fondation Hardt) – Colloqium : AMPhi - poster

MAY 17 – (Department, 405A) – 12h15 – Miloud Belkoniene on Explanationism and Truthlike Explanations (lgBIG)

MAY 17 – (Uni Mail, MR040) – 18h15 – Julien Deonna speaks at the Archives Jean Piaget 'L'affectivité...'

MAY 12 – (B108) – 18h – Annabelle Lever speaks at the Quodlibeta

MAY 11 – (L107) – 16h15 – Franscesca Vidotto speaks on How classical spacetime emerges in Loop Quantum Gravity 

MAY 2 – (Uni Mail, M2170) – 18h15 – Prs. Deonna and Teroni speak at the Groupe genevois de philosophie 'Honte et ...'

APRIL 21 – (B108) – 18h – Christian Wüthrich speaks at the Quodlibeta

APRIL 14 – (B002) – 16h15 – Giuliano Torrengo speaks on The experience of the passage of time

APRIL 13 – (L107) – 16h15 – Oliver Pooley speaks on Relativity and the Growing Block

APRIL 11-13 – (Colladon, Geneva) – International colloquium : The Body's mind and the Mind's body

APRIL 7 – (B105) – 18h – Julien Deonna speaks at the Quodlibeta

APRIL 6 – (L107) – 16h15 – Rickles speaks (by skype) on Dual theories: ‘Same but different’ or ‘different but same’?

MARCH 23 – (L107) 16h15 Jonathan Dorsey (Texas Tech): Defining the Physical

MARCH 15 – (Uni Mail, MR170) – 18h15 – Le département vous invite à (Re)découvrir la philosophie

JANUARY 19 (CISA) 12h15 Jesse Prinz : Aesthetic Sentimentalism

JANUARY 19 (CISA) 14h15 Donald Glowinski – Music & Emotion: From Gut Reactions to Aesthetic Evaluations

JANUARY 14 – (L107) – 16h15 Sebastian de Haro : Emergence in Gauge/Gravity Dualities (GCPS / GSG)


DECEMBER 15 – (Department) – 12h – Raphael Scholl speaks at the lgBIG : The irrelevance of unconceived alternatives...

DECEMBER 10 – (B109) – 18h – Olivier Massin  speaks at the Quodlibeta then the dpt's PARTY!

DECEMBER 4&5 – (Colladon) – detailed program – Workshop on Belief, Credence and Action.

DECEMBER 3 – (B109) – 18h – Michael Baumgartner  speaks at the Quodlibeta.

DECEMBER 1 – (Department) – 12h – Michal Hladky speaks at the lgBIG on simulation models in neuroscience

NOVEMBER 26  – (B109) – 18h – Christine Clavien speaks at Phileas.

NOVEMBER 23 – (UniMail M2170) – Annabelle Lever, conférences du GGP: public/privé, nouvelles frontières?

NOVEMBER 19  – (B109) – 18h – Joëlle Proust speaks at Phileas.

NOVEMBER 17 – (Department) – 12h –Marcel Weber at the lgBIG : Which kind of causal specificity matters biologically?

NOVEMBER 12  – (B109) – 18h – Christian Sachese speaks at Phileas.

NOVEMBER 11 – (L107) – 16h – Kerry McKenzie speaks at the GSG Against brute fundamentalism.

OCTOBER 29 – (B109) – 18h – Nick Zangwill speaks at Phileas.

OCTOBER 28 - (L107) - 16h - Daniele Oriti speaks at the GSG about 'If space and time are emergent ... '

OCTOBER 26 – (UniMail M2170) – Jean-Henry Morin, conférences du GGPpublic/privé, nouvelles frontières?

OCTOBER 22 – (B109) – 18h – Brian Leiter speaks at Phileas about The Innocence of Becoming.

OCTOBER 21 – (L107) – 16h – Michael Esfeld speaks at the GSG about Relationalism about space-time... .

OCTOBER 15 – (B109) – 18h – Bernard Baertschi speaks at Phileas about CRISPR-CAS9 et la bioéthique.

OCTOBER 8 – (B109) – 18h – Paolo Crivelli speaks at the Quodlibeta.

OCTOBER 7 – (L107) – 16h – V. Lam and C. Wüthrich speak at the GSG on Functional emergence of spacetime ...

OCTOBER 6 – (Phil201) – Workshop on Austro-German Objects and Scientific Philosophy.

OCTOBER 1 – (B109) – 18h – Laurent Cesalli speaks at the Quodlibeta.

SEPTEMBER 28 – (UniMail M2170) – Conférences du GGP: public/privé, nouvelles frontières?

JULY 4-5 – (Unimail MR030) Workshop on Existence, Non-Existence, Intentionality.

JUNE 18-20 – Workshop on Ground in Biology, Program, Book of Abstracts, Practicalities.

MAY 21 – (U159) – Pascal Engel speaks at the Quodlibeta.

MAY 19 – (TBA) – Assemblée Générale du Département; plus d'info.

APRIL 30 – (U159) – Ghislain Guigon speaks at the Quodlibeta.

APRIL 15 – (U159) – Katerina Ierodiakonou speaks at the Quodlibeta.

MARCH 27 – (B108) – Mauro Dorato (Rome) – The Passage of time between physics and philosophy

MARCH 20-21 – (B106) – Colloque interdisciplinaire L’Indignation. Voici un programme détaillé.

MARCH 19 – (U159) – John Heil  (Sant Louis) (coll. avec thumos) – Dispositionality and Mentality

MARCH 5 – (U159) – Nadja Germann speaks at the Quodlibeta.


Workshop on Meaning and Intentionality in Anton Marty: Debates and Influences

December 11-13, 2014, organised by Kevin Mulligan, more information here.

Table ronde autour de l'ouvrage Le pouvoir des mots au moyen-âge édité par N. Bériou, J.-P. Boudet et I. Rosier-Catach.

Mercredi 3 décembre 2014, 14h-18h. Bastions, salle B103. Organisé par Laurent Cesalli, Julien Deonna et Kevin Mulligan. Toutes les informations sont ici.

Workshop on Grounding and Existence

September 26-28, 2014, organised by Jan Plate and Alexander Skiles at the University of Geneva. Speakers: Michael J. Clark, Nikk Effingham, Akiko Frischhut, Kevin Mulligan, Jan Plate, Francesca Poggiolesi, Gideon Rosen, Alex Skiles, Jonathan Tallant, and Nathan Wildman.

Workshop on Epistemic Emotions and Feelings

August 25-26, 2014, organised by Phrontis and the Episteme project Epistemic EmotionsMore information here.

Workshop on Modelling, Experimenting and Simulating

June 27-28, 2014, organised by Marcel Weber and Andrea Loettgers. Program available here.

Aristote chez les Helvètes

Olivier Massin & Anne Meylan publient Aristote chez les Helvètes, un reccueil de douze essais de métaphysique helvétique. L'ouvrage est d'ores et déjà salué par la critique, notamment ici et ici. La métaphysique helvétique a de beaux jours devant elle.

Nouveaux professeurs au département

Le Département est heureux d'accueillir Monsieur le professeur Michael Baumgartner.

Le Département est heureux d'accueillir Madame le professeur Katerina Ierodiakonou.

Workshop on Experience, Attention, and the Ontology of Mind

Friday 17 April, 2014, organised by Thumos, with the CUSO, more information here.

International Summer School in Affective Sciences

July 7 - 13, 2014, organised by Julien Deonna with the Swiss Center for Affective Sciences, more information here.

Workshop on Epistemic Norms of Action, Assertion and Belief

Friday 26 March, 2014, organised by Davide Fassiomore information here.

Colloque sur: Le recours au droit dans le domaine de la santé mondiale au XXIe siècle : exemples et conséquences

le lundi 17 mars 2014, de 12h30 à 13h45, aux Hôpitaux Universitaires de Genève – salle 3-797, 3ème étage - organisé par l'institut de boéthique - davantage d'information ici.

Colloque en l'honneur de Bernard Baertschi: Libre arbitre, déterminisme et responsabilité

Lundi 12 – mardi 13 mai, 2014, organisé par Kevin Mulligan, voici le programme. Contactez le Prof. Mulligan pour plus d'information.

Workshop on Husserl vs Wittgenstein

Friday 9 - Saturday 10 May, 2014, organised by Kevin Mulligan, here is the programm. Contact Prof. Mulligan for more information.

Workshop on Validity and Truth in Ancient Philosophy

Fondation Hardt, Vandoeuvres ( Thursday 13 - Friday 14 March, 2014 Invited speakers: Jonathan Barnes (Paris); Valentina di Lascio (Durham); Jean-Baptiste Gourinat (Paris); Katerina Ierodiakonou (Athens and Geneva); Marko Malink (Chicago); Benjamin Morison (Princeton). Organised by Paolo Crivelli, contact him for more information.

Small Workshop on Desire

February 15, Geneva. With Graham Oddie (University of Colorado Boulder), Peter Railton (University of Michigan) and Davor Bodrozic (University of Fribourg). Organised by Federico Lauria. More information here.

Liber Amicorum Pascal Engel

The departement has just published a collection of papers presented in hommage to Pascal Engel. With papers by Carola Barbero, Claudia Bianchi, Yves Bouchard, Ingar Brink, J. Adam Carter, Stéphane Chauvier, Jean-Marie Chevalier, François Clementz, Annalisa Coliva, Vasco Correia New, Paolo Crivelli, Alain de Libera, Jérôme Dokic, Igor Douven, Julien Dutant, Santiago Echeverri, Paul Egre, Jon Elster, Davide Fassio, Maurizio Ferraris, Paul Franceschi, Henri Galinon, Benoît Gaultier, Olav Gjelsvik, Göran Hermerén, Chris Kelp, Daniel Laurier, Keith Lehrer, Stéphane Lemaire, Paolo Leonardi, Pierre Livet, Arturs Logins, Pascal Ludwig, Michael P. Lynch, Monia Marica, Mathieu Marion, Conor McHugh, Alan Millar, Nenad Miščević, Jean-Maurice Monnoyer, Kevin Mulligan, Frédéric Nef, Timothy O'Hagan, Mitsuhiro Okada, Erik J. Olsson, Claude Panaccio, Carlo Penco, Johannes Persson, Roger Pouivet, Duncan Pritchard, François Récanati, Nils-Eric Sahlin, Daniel Schulthess, Katusya Takahashi, Fabrice Teroni, Émile Thalabard, Giovanni Tuzet, Stelios Virvidakis, Jacques-Henri Vollet and Marcel Weber.

Mise au concours d'un poste de doctorant ainsi que d'un poste de postdoc en philosophie de la causalité, plus d'information ici.


Workshop on Organisms, Machines and Mechanisms

December 5th-6th, Geneva. With Marie Kaiser (University of Cologne), Alan Love (University of Minnesota), Peter McLaughlin (University of Heidelberg), Marco Nathan (University of Denver), Dan Nicholson (University of Exeter), Marianne Schark (Charité Berlin), Johanna Seibt (Aarhus University), Ulrich Stegmann (University of Aberdeen), Arno Wouters (Erasmus University Rotterdam). Organised by Marcel Weber, Guillaume Schlaepfer and Maximilian Huber. More information here.

Workshop on Abilities in Perception

November 29th-30th, Geneva. With Tom Crowther (Heythrop College), Ophelia Deroy (London), Santiago Echeverri (Geneva), Ellen Fridland (King's College London), Hans-Johann Glock (Zürich), Olivier Massin (Geneva), Bence Nanay (Antwerp and Cambridge), Markus Wild (Basel). Organised by Santiago Echeverri and the Episteme research group. More information here.

Workshop La raison sans les bonbons

November 23rd, Geneva. With John Skorupski (St Andrews), Katrien Schaubroeck (Antwerp), Charles Larmore (Brown), Michael Lynch (UCONN). Organised by Pascal Engel andd the Episteme research group. More informations here.

Themes from Baxter II

October 21-25th, Ligerz. Confirmed participants: Don Baxter, Philipp Blum, Aaron Cotnoir, Martin Lipman, Kris McDaniel, Giovanni Merlo. More information can be found here.

Conference on The Metaphysics and the Ontology of Mind

September 16-18th, Ligerz. Confirmed participants: Philipp Blum, Casey O'Callaghan, Mike Martin, Clare MacCumhaill, Oliver Rashbrook, Matthew Soteriou, Rowland Stout. More information can be found here.

Workshop on Dream, Sleep, Emotion

September 13th, Geneva. Confirmed participants: Tom Crowther (Warwick), Amanda Garcia (Geneva), Ralph Schmidt (Geneva), Sophie Schwarz (Geneva), Jennifer Windt (Mainz), Rachel Wiseman (York). More information here.

Workshop on The New Evil Demon: Knowledge, Rationality and the Internal

September 12-13th, Fribourg and Geneva. Confirmed participants: Stewart Cohen (Arizona), Maria Lasonen-Aarnio (Michigan), Clayton Littlejohn (King's College London), Nico Silins (Cornell), Timothy Williamson (Oxford).
The workshop is funded by the CUSO and will include a pedagogical activity on digital tools for scientific communication for graduate students. Organisation: Fabian Dorsch (Fribourg) and Julien Dutant (Geneva).
More information can be found here.

Workshop: Laws of Nature, Dispositions, and Natural Modality

September 9-10th, Geneva. Confirmed participants: Rani Lill Anjum (Norwegian University of Life Sciences), Alexander Bird (University of Bristol), Michael Esfeld (Université de Lausanne), Andreas Hüttemann (University of Cologne), Max Kistler (University of Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne, IHPST), Anna Marmodoro (University of Oxford), Olivier Massin (Université de Genève), Stephen Mumford (University of Nottingham), et Stephen Barker (University of Nottingham). A detailed program can be found here.

Conference on Kit Fine

July 28th - Aug 3rd 2013, Lago di Comabbio. More information can be found here.

The Question 'What if?' in the Sciences and Humanities, Workshop

4-5 July 2013, Geneva. Speakers: John Beatty (Vancouver), Carl Craver (St Louis), Quentin Deluermoz (Paris), Daniel Dohrn (Berlin), Natasha Grigorian (Bochum), Maximilian Huber (University of Geneva), Tarja Knuuttila (University of Helsinki), Thomas Krödel (Berlin), Arthur Merin (Konstanz), Pierre Singaravelou (Paris), Christian Wüthrich (San Diego). More information can be found here.

Workshop on Mixtures and stuff

June 6-8th 2013, Geneva. Speakers: Philipp Blum, Rögnvaldur Ingthorsson, Henry Laycock, Olivier Massin, Paul Needham, Theodore Scaltsas, Erica Shumener, Alexander Skiles, Mark Steen, Nick Treanor. More information can be found here.

The Ontology of Emotions, Workshop

26th-27th April 2013, Geneva. Speakers: Hichem Naar (Manchester), Agnes Moors (Ghent), David Pineda (Girona), M.G.F. Martin (UCL/Berkeley), Isabelle Pitteloud (Genève), Matthew Sotteriou (Warwick), Clare Mac Cumhaill (Genève), Edoardo Zamuner (Hong Kong), Janna Hastings (Genève), et Joachim Schulte (Zürich). A detailed program can be found here.

The Ontology of Evidence, Workshop

16th-17th April 2013, Geneva. Speakers: Pascal Engel (Geneva and EHESS), John Gibbons (Nebraska/Lincoln), Clayton Littlejohn (King’s College London), Arturs Logins (Geneva), Veli Mitova (Vienna), Ram Neta (Chapel Hill). A detailed program can be found hereAbstracts can be found here.


Conference on Anti-realism in Metaethics

Expressivism, relativism and error theories: December 11, 2012, with Matthew Chrisman, James Dreier, Don Loeb and Jussi Suikkanen. More information here.

Workshop: Walking with Rousseau: Group Attitudes between Aggregation and Association

University of Geneva, September 12-13, 2012. More information here.

5th joint eidos/thumos meeting: Percetual Ephemera

24-26 September 2012, with Nida-Ruemelin, Crowther, Decock, Raleigh, Aranyosi, Todd, Nudds, Judge, Casati, O’Dea, Sorensen, Farennikova, Tsompanidis and Blum. More information here.

International Summer School in the Affective Sciences

Thumos is proud to annonce that the next International Summer School in the Affective Sciences (Issas) on the topic of "Art, Aesthethics and the Emotions" will take place between August 22-30. Participants include: Gregory Currie, James E. Cutting. David Freedberg, Raymond W. Gibbs, Matthew Kieran, Winfried Menninghaus, Jesse Prinz, Dahlia Zaidel. More information here.

Conference – The Nature of Desire

University of Geneva, June 26th-28th 2012.
Invited Speakers: Daniel Friedrich (Humboldt Universität Berlin), Alex Gregory (University of Reading), Federico Lauria (University of Geneva), Ronald de Sousa (University of Toronto), Graham Oddie (University of Colorado Boulder), Peter Railton (University of Michigan), Timothy Schroeder (Ohio State University),Fred Schueler (University of Delaware), David Wall (University of Northampton).
Detailed Programme available here.

Workshop on Truth and Normativity

Wed-Thu june 27-29th 2012, Geneva.
Workshop and thesis viva. Keynote speakers: Massimiliano Carrara (Padova), Matthew Chrisman (Edinburgh),Diego Marconi (Torino), Asbjørn Steglich Petersen (Aarhus), David Velleman (New York University). Thesis viva: Davide Fassio (episteme, Geneva).
Detailed programme available here.

Nouveaux professeurs de philosophie antique et de philosophie des sciences

Le Département est heureux d'accueillir MM les professeurs Marcel Weber (professeur ordinaire, philo des sciences) et Paolo Crivelli (professeur associé, philosophie antique).

Workshop on Evidence and Explanation

With Alexander Bird (Bristol), Juan Comesana (Arizona), Raphael Scholl (Bern), Kevin Mulligan (Geneva), Marcel Weber (Geneva). Date: April 25th and 26th 2012. A detailed program and venue can be found here!

Being, Truth, and Knowledge in Ancient Greek Logic

Location: Fondation Hardt, Vandoeuvres, Geneva ( Date: March 15th and 16th 2012 (Thursday afternoon + Friday morning). For further information and programme click here.

Igal Kvart (Hebrew University) on Rational Assertability and Pragmatic Encroachment

Wednesday march 14th, 2012, 16h-18h. Room B015, Uni Bastions. Abstract and further information. Organised by the Episteme Research group, open to anyone interested.

Découvrir la philosophie: vidéos en ligne Le Philomaton mobile propose chaque semaine une nouvelle vidéo de quelques minutes à visionner en ligne. Des membres du département y discutent de façon accessible des questions philosophiques posées par d'autres philosophes et non-philosophes.

Workshop on Evidence and Explanation. With Alexander Bird (Bristol), Juan Comesana (Arizona), Raphael Scholl (Bern), Kevin Mulligan (Geneva), Marcel Weber (Geneva). Date: April 25th and 26th 2012.

Being, Truth, and Knowledge in Ancient Greek Logic

Location: Fondation Hardt, Vandoeuvres, Geneva ( Date: March 15th and 16th 2012 (Thursday afternoon + Friday morning). For further information and programme click here.


Trois conférences sur Aristote et la vérité.

Mardis 8 Novembre, 15 Novembre et 6 décembre, Uni Bastions A206, 16h-18h. Conférences de Kevin Mulligan (UNIGE), Curzio Chiesa (UNIGE), Francis Wolff (ENS Ulm). Dans le cadre du séminaire de P.Crivelli et P.Engel "Quaestiones disputatae de veritate". L'affiche pour plus d'information (ici).

La nature des normes épistémiques

le mercredi 7 décembre à 18h15 (Salle B 101, UniBastions), la conférence de Madame Joëlle PROUST, Institut Jean-Nicod, Ecole Normale Supérieure, Paris: "La nature des normes épistémiques".

Le printemps arabe et la philosophie politique

Université de Genève, lundi 12 et mardi 13 décembre 2011. Les organisateurs: Kevin Mulligan, Ridha Chennoufi (Tunis), Salim Hirèche. Plus d'information ici: le PROGRAMME, le DESCRIPTIF.

“La Société philosophique de l’Université de Vienne et les racines autrichiennes du Cercle de Vienne”. A l'invitation du Groupe Genevois de Philosophie, le professeur Denis Fisette (Montréal) a donné le lundi 31 octobre 2011 à 18h15 (UniMail, salle M2160) une conférence intitulée: “La Société philosophique de l’Université de Vienne et les racines autrichiennes du Cercle de Vienne” Plus d'information ici.

Conference: The Pragmatic Load in Knowledge

From Monday, 27 June 2011 to Wednesday, 29 June 2011. With Igor Douven (Groenigen), Jeremy Fantl (Calgary), David Owens (Reading), Jason Stanley (Rutgers). More information here


Conference Organic Unities - Parts, Wholes and Values - May 26-27

Conference on Organic Unities jointly organised by the eidos and Thumos research group, May 26-27thFull details here.

Workshop in honor of Keith Lehrer: The Epistemology of Common Sense Wednesday, 25 May 2011, Geneva. (In collaboration with Thumos, UNIGE) Workshop with Keith Lehrer (University of Arizona, Tucson), Anita Konzelmann (Geneva), Noah Lemos (William and Mary), Adam Morton (Alberta). More information here.

Emotion, Self and Time 20-21 May 2011. With Michael Brandy (Glasgow), Adam Morton (Alberta), Greg Currie (Nottingham), Gianfranco Soldati (Fribourg), Nancy Sheman (Georgetown), Peter Goldie (Manchester), Sabine Roeser (TU Delft), Simon Blackburn (Cambridge). More information here.

Workshop on Perception and Warrant 12 May 2011, Geneva. With Annalisa Coliva (Modena) andNicholas Silins (Cornell).
Detailed programme is here. FNS project Perceptual Warrant, Entitlement and A Priori Knowledge. Organised by Ariel Cecchi and Episteme group.

Leçon inaugurale du Prof.Gad Freudenthal:. Le Judaïsme médiéval rencontre la philosophie et les sciences gréco-arabes par le Prof. Gad Freudenthal chargé de cours en philosophie juive à l’UNIGE directeur de recherche, émérite CNRS, Paris. Lundi 7 mars 2011, 18h15-20h, Uni-Bastions, B101.


First PETAF workshop, 8-10 December 2010, Geneva with Kit Fine (NYU), Patrick Greenough (St. Andrews), Giovanni Merlo (UB), Katherine Hawley (St. Andrews), Ferenc Huoranszki (CEU), Mike Griffin (CEU), Philipp Keller (Geneva), Hanoch Ben-Yami (CEU), Ivan Kasa (Stockholm), Elia Zardini (UNAM/NIP). More information here!

Après-midi d'études: Science et Métaphysique.. Avec Claudine Tiercelin et Achille C. Varzi26 Novembre 2010. Organisation: Les Éditions d’Ithaque et le département de Philosophie de l’université de Genève

Conférence Jeanne Hersch 2010: Leila Haaparanta (Tampere), 25 nov, 2010. La première conférence Jeanne Hersch: jeudi 25 novembre 2010. La Prof. Leila Haaparanta (Tampere)Judgment and Rationality: a Husserlian Point of View de 18h à 1930, salle B106 aux Bastions.

Workshop: Belief Feeling And Emotion, November 19, 2010, with Tim Bayne (Oxford), Fabrice Clément(UNIL), Gerald Clore (University of Virginia), Keith Frankish (Open University & Rethymnon), Kevin Mulligan(CISA), Fabrice Teroni (CISA).

Non-Propositional Intentionality, Geneva, 13-14 November 2010. THIRD EIDOS-THUMOS JOINT MEETING. NON-PROPOSITIONAL INTENTIONALITY : Thinking, Perceiving & Feeling.

Workshop on Evidence, October 27-28, 2010 with Earl Conee (University of Rochester), Jim Pryor (New York University), Philip Ebert (University of Stirling), Julien Dutant (University of Geneva). Organized by Arturs Logins, Episteme.

Normativity in the Work of Peter Railton, Geneva, October 1st 2010, with Peter Railton (University of Michigan). The workshop is organised by Jack Darach (Fribourg), Maksymilian Del Mar (Lausanne), Davide Fassio (Geneva) with funding by Conférence universitaire de Suisse occidentale (CUSO).

Workshop: Knowledge, safety and virtue, June 22nd - 23rd, with Ernest Sosa (Rutgers), Chris Kelp(Leuven), J. Adam Carter (Geneva), Timothy Williamson (Oxford)

Workshop: Norms of assertion, June 4th, with Peter Milne (Stirling), Filip Buekens (Tilburg). Organized by Adam Carter, Episteme.

Workshop: Entitlement and testimony, May 18th, with Nikolaj Pedersen (Copenhagen), Peter Graham(UCR). Organized by Anne Meylan, Episteme.

Justification Revisited Conference, march 25th-27th 2010 (Geneva), with Invited speakers: Jessica Brown (University of St Andrews), Richard Fumerton (The University of Iowa), Adam Leite (Indiana University), Jonathan Sutton (Auburn University), Matthias Steup (Purdue University). The conference is organised by Anne Meylan and Episteme within the FNS project Knowledge, Reasons and Norms.

Journée Portes Ouvertes aux Collégiens,samedi 6 mars 2010 (Genève). Organisé par le département de Philosophie de l'Université de Genève.

Workshop: Warrant and a prioricity, 1st - 2nd March 2010 (Geneva), with Gaetano Albergo (Catania),Corine Besson (Oxford), Albert Casullo (Nebraska / Lincoln), Nenad Miscevic (Central European University). The workshop is organised by Pascal Engel, Katsuya Takahashi and Ariel Cecchi and Episteme within the FNS project Perceptual Warrant, Entitlement and A Priori Knowledge.


eidos sixteenth workshop, 17-18 November (Geneva). With Tom Baldwin (York), Fabrice Correia (Geneva), John Divers (Leeds), Bob Hale (Sheffield), Julian Kiverstein (Edinburgh), Robin Le Poidevin (Leeds), Ian Phillips (Oxford). Organized by Akiko Frischut, Jessica Leech, eidos.

Workshop: The Epistemology of Perception, November 12th-13th 2009, with Alan Millar (Stirling),Adrian Haddock (Stirling), Matthew Kennedy (Nottingham), Martine Nida-Rümelin (Fribourg), Jérôme Dokic(Institut Jean-Nicod), Santiago Echeverri (Institut Jean-Nicod). Organized by Ariel Cecchi, Episteme.

Knowing-How: Workshop with Jason Stanley, 15-16 October (Geneva). With Jason Stanley (Rutgers), Julien Dutant (Geneva), Santiago Etcheverri (Institut Jean Nicod), Franck Lihoreau (U. Nova Lisbon). (Oxford). Organized by Julien Dutant, Episteme.

Plurals and plural quantification, Annual Meeting and Workshop of the Swiss Society for Logic and Philosophy of Science, 9-10 October 2009 (Geneva). With Ghislain GuigonØystein Linnebo,Friederike MoltmannAlex OliverAgustín RayoSven Rosenkranz, Timothy Smiley, Gabriel Uzquiano. Organised by Fabrice Correia on behalf of the SSLPS.

Congrès de la SoPhA 2009, 2-5 sept, congrès trisannuel de la Société Francophone de Philosophie Analytique. Organisé par Philipp Keller (Genève) [coordinateur], Fabrice Correia (Genève), Michael Esfeld (Lausanne), Kevin Mulligan (Genève), Martine Nida-Rümelin (Fribourg), Alexandrine Schniewind (Lausanne), Gianfranco Soldati (Fribourg), et Daniel Schulthess (Neuchâtel) en collaboration avec le comité de la SoPhA..

Norms,Values and Rationality (.pdf), Sept 4th 2009. Workshop within the SoPhA conference; with Josée Brunet (Montréal), Daniel Laurier (Montréal), Alan Millar (Stirling), Christian Piller (York), Gianfranco Soldati (Fribourg), Giovanni Tuzet (Milano). Program (.pdf).

Découvrir la philosophie, fév-mai, cycle de conférences grand public.

Epistemic Emotions, July 14th 2009. Workshop with Jonathan Kvanvig (Baylor), Michael Brady (Glasgow),Ingrid Vendrell Ferran (Swiss Center for Affective Sciences, Geneva), Anita Konzelmann (Basel), and Jerome Dokic (EHESS, Paris). Organised by Anne Meylan with the Thumos group.

New Perspectives on Doxastic Voluntarism, June 23th 2009. Workshop with Josep Corbi (Valencia),Richard Feldman (Rochester), Philipp Nickel (Eindhoven), Erik Olsson (Lund), Daniel Schulthess (Neuchâtel). Organisation: Pascal Engel, Episteme.

La Methode Hypothétique, 18-21 juin, colloque international en philosophie ancienne, Villars-sur-Ollon.

GSSPP09 - Geneva Summer School in the Philosophy of Physics. July 5-11, 2009, at Arolla. Organisation: Christian Wüthrich (Dpt of Philosophy, University of California San Diego), Vincent Lam (Dpt of Philosophy, University of Lausanne), Philipp Keller (Dpt of Philosophy, University of Geneva). 

eidos fifteenth workshop, 30-31 May 2009 (Geneva)

Conférence de M. Ninci (Pise), 28 mai "La chose et son pourquoi: intelligible et sensible selon Plotin (traité 38, Enneade VI, 8)". Organisation: Angela Longo.

Series of lectures by Anthony Kenny (pdf) on "Virtue, Wisdom and Happiness in Aristotelian Ethics", may 26-29. With additional talks by Michael Hertig (Lausanne), Cristian Pelin (Genève) and Luigi Fraschini (Milan-Genève). Organisation: Curzio Chiesa et Angela Longo, Ecole doctoraleCUSO en philosophie antique et médiévale.

Conférences de Claudio Moreschini (Pise) et Chiara Tommasi Moreschini (Pise) (pdf), 27-28 mai 2009, philosophie antique. Organisation: Enrico Norelli (faculté de théologie, Genève) et Angela Longo (département de philosophie, Genève), programme Erasmus d'échange d'enseignants.

Workshop on John Broome, may 22 2009, with John Broome (Oxford), Olav Gjelsvik (Oslo), Sven Ove Hansson (KTH Stockholm) and Andrew Reisner (McGill). Organisation: Pascal Engel, Episteme.

Palmyr-VIII, on Formal Epistemology - Annual Meeting of the Swiss Graduate Society for Logic and Philosophy of Science, may 8th-9th, Geneva. Invited speakers: Vincent Hendriks (Roskilde and Columbia) and Willemien Kets (Santa Fe and Tilburg). With Andreas Witzel (ILLC, Amsterdam), Johannes Stern(Geneva) Jonathan Zvesper (ILLC, Amsterdam) Carlo Proietti (IHPST, Paris), Davide Fassio (Geneva), Julien Dutant (Geneva), Jonathan Shaheen (Michigan and ILLC, Amsterdam), Pascal Engel(Geneva). Organisation: Jonhathan Zvesper (Amsterdam), Julien Dutant (Geneva), Alessandro Facchini (Bordeaux and Lausanne), Henri Galinon (IHPST, Paris). 

Young European Epistemologists Workshop, march 20-21 2009, Geneva. Invited speakers: Adam Carter(Edinburgh), Julien Dutant (Geneva), Davide Fassio (Geneva), Mikkel Gerken (Copenhagen), Jan Heylen(Leuven), Chris Kelp (Leuven), Conor McHugh (Edinburgh), Rik Peels (Utrecht), Stefan Schubert (Lund). Organisation: Julien Dutant, Episteme. 

eidos fourteenth meeting, 18-19 March 2009 (Geneva).

Little Sceptical Meeting, Geneva, feb 27 2009. Invited speakers: Igal Kvart (Jerusalem), Julien Dutant(Geneva). Coorganized with the PhilEAs conference cycle. Organisation: Pascal Engel, Episteme.

Rationality and Logic of Norms, Geneva, spring 09: Master / Pro*Doc seminar organized by P. Engel Invited speakers: Jack Darach (Fribourg), Maksymilian Del Mar (Lausanne),Julien Dutant (Geneve), Davide Fassio (Geneve), Oliver Massin (Genève). This seminar is associated with the Workshop on John Broome (may 09) and is the continuation of the seminar "Problèmes d'éthique et d'épistémologie" (autumn 08). Organisation: Pascal Engel, Episteme.


eidos thirteenth meeting, dec 15th 2008, Fribourg.

eidos twelfth workshop, dec 17-19th Geneva.

eidos eleventh meeting, dec 6th-7th 2008, Geneva.

Workshop on Judgement, Assertion and Norms, Geneva, 4-5 dec 2008. Speakers: Asbjørn Steglich-Petersen (Aarhus), Timothy Chan (CSMN, Oslo), Igor Douven (Leuven). See the conference page or download the programme. Organisation: Pascal Engel, Episteme.

Workshop on impossibilities, dec 2 2008, Geneva. Oganisation: eidos.

Metaphysics of Value, first Eidos-Thumos-Episteme meeting Geneva, nov 26-27 2008. With Toni Ronnow-Rasmussen (Lund), Wlodek Rabinowicz (Lund), Graham Oddie (University of Colorado), Jonathan Simon (NYU), Federico Lauria (Geneva), Graham Oddie (University of Colorado), Alain Pé-Curto (Geneva), Nishi Shah (Amherst College), Cain Todd (Lancaster). Co-organisation Eidos-Thumos-Episteme.

Journée d'études plotiniennes (pdf) "Qu'est-ce qu'une cause? La réflexion de Plotin à propos du destin et de la providence", 19 nov 2008, Genève. Avec Sylvain Roux (Poitiers),Marguerite Chappuis (Fribourg), Alain Petit (Clermont-Ferrand), Franco Trabattoni (Milan). Organisation Angela Longo.

Leçons de Franco Trabattoni (Milan) sur "Les Épicuriens et les Stoïciens face au déterminisme" (pdf) et "La providence chez Platon"(pdf), 18 nov 2008. Organisation: A. Longo.

crash course on semantic relativism, 12-13 November 2008 (Geneva). Organisation: eidos.

Conférence de Luciana Repici (Turin) (pdf) "Âme et respiration chez Aristote", 28 oct 2008, Genève. Organisation A. Longo.

Lecture by Matthew Chrisman (Edinburgh), "Knowledge as True Belief one Ought to Have", co-organized by Episteme and the PhilEAs student association, oct 24th, 2008.

eidos ninth workshop, oct 23-24, Geneva.

Problèmes d'éthique et d'épistémologie: seminar organized by P. Engel / Episteme, Autumn 08. Invited speakers: Matthew Chrisman (Edinburgh), Nishi Shah (Amherst), Andri Toendury (Genève).

eidos eighth meeting, Sep 4-5 2008, Geneva.

eidos seventh meeting, Aug 18-20, Geneva.

Geneva Summer School in the Philosophy of Physics 2008, July 28 - Aug 2 2008, Arolla.

eidos metaphysics conference, July 15-18 2008 (Geneva)

epistemological internalism, June 17-18 2008, Fribourg. Organisation eidos.

eidos/logos meeting, June 4-5 2008, Barcelona.

eidos sixth meeting, May 29-31 2008, Berne.

Conférences de Claudio Moreschini (Pise) et Chiara Ombretta Tommasi  (Pise) (pdf), 19-22 mai 2008, philosophie antique. Organisation: Enrico Norelli (faculté de théologie, Genève) et Angela Longo (département de philosophie, Genève), programme Erasmus d'échange d'enseignants.

Colloque littérature et vérité, may 14th, 2008. Invited speakers: Jean-Marie Schaeffer (EHESS, Paris), Carola Barbero (Turin), Stelios Virvidakis (Athènes), Patrizia Lombardo (Genève), Maurizio Ferraris (Turin).

Journée d'étude consacrée à Damascius (pdf) 8 mai 2008, avec Valerio Napoli (Palerme) et Franco Trabattoni (Milan). Organisation Angela Longo.

eidos fifth meeting, Thursday 1st of May to Friday 2nd of May 2008 (Geneva)

Epistemic Agency conference, Geneva, apr 25-26, 2008. Invited speakers: Fabian Dorsch (Fribourg), Olav Gjelsvik (Oslo), John Greco (Saint Louis), Pamela Hieronymi (UCLA), Roger Pouivet (Nancy), Joëlle Proust (Institut Jean Nicod, Paris), Claudine Tiercelin (Paris XII, Institut Jean Nicod, Fordham).

Lectures on Epistemic Normativity by John Greco (Saint Louis), apr 21-24, 2008. See the Epistemic Agency page.

Journées de la Dialectique (pdf), 19-20 avril 2008, Genève. Avec Jonathan Barnes (Paris IV), Elena Gritti (Milan), Davide Del Forno (Genève), Pierpaolo Bordini (Milan), Andreas Schmidhauser (Genève). Organisation A. Longo.

eidos fourth meeting, Wednesday 5th to Friday 7th of March 2008 (Geneva)

because (essence subproject), Friday 15th to Sunday 17th of February 2008 (Geneva). Kit Fine (NYU),Carrie Jenkins (University of Nottingham), E. J. Lowe (Durham University), Göran Sundholm (University of Leiden), Zoltán Szabó (Yale University). Organisation Fabrice Correia, Philipp Keller, Kevin Mulligan (Genève) , Benjamin Schneider (Humboldt Berlin), eidos.

eidos 2008 pro*doc meeting (prodoc subproject), Tuesday 12th to Thursday 14th of February (Geneva). Invited speakers: Kit Fine (NYU), Carrie Jenkins (University of Nottingham), E. J. Lowe (Durham University), Giuliano Torrengo (University of Turin).


troisième rencontre eidos, 20-21 décembre. Organisation: Philipp Keller.

Norms and Content conference, Geneva, dec 14th 2007. Invited speakers: Kathrin Glüer-Pagin(Stockholm), Åsa Wikforss (Stockholm), Ralph Wedgewood (Oxford).Organisation: groupe Episteme (Pascal Engel, Julien Dutant, Anne Meylan). 

eidos conference Go Figure / Va Savoir, avec Jérôme Dokic, Joëlle Proust, Giovanni Tuzet et Philipp Keller, 13 décembre. Organisation: Philipp Keller.

structuralism (eidos physics subproject), nov 29-30 2007, Lausanne.

Philosophical Knowledge conference, Geneva, nov 20th 2007.Invited speakers: Jacques Bouveresse(Collège de France), Timothy Williamson (Oxford); workshop with T. Williamson, 20-21 nov 2007. Organisation: groupe Episteme (Pascal Engel, Julien Dutant, Anne Meylan).

eidos conference on the metaphysics of vectors, 20-21 octobre. Avec Dean Zimmerman, John Bigelow, Peter Simons, Barry Smith, Daniel Nolan, Ralf Busse, Stephan Leuenberger, Ingvar Johansson. Organisation: Philipp Keller.

Imagination, expression, and depiction (eidos norms subproject), oct 4-6, 2007 Fribourg. Organisation: eidos.

Prospects for Epistemology in Europe workshop, Geneva, sept 28-29th 2007. Invited speakers: Martijn Blaauw (VU Amsterdam), Igor Douven (KU Leuven), Pascal Engel (Geneva), Klemens Kappel (Copenhaguen), Erik Olsson (Lund), Duncan Pritchard (Edinburgh). Organization: Episteme group (Pascal Engel, Julien Dutant, Anne Meylan), 28-29 septembre.

eidos launch conference, 13-15 septembre. Avec Carrie Jenkins, Andrew McGonigal, Ralf Busse, Rafael Hüttemann, Wolfgang Schwarz, Michael Esfeld, Fabian Dorsch, Andri Töndury, Stephan Leuenberger. Organisation: Philipp Keller.

deuxième rencontre eidos, 11-12 septembre. Organisation: Philipp Keller.

première rencontre eidos, 13-14 juillet. Organisation: Philipp Keller.

ESPP 2007 - European Society for Philosophy and Psychology congress, 9-12 Juillet 2007- Organisation: Kevin Mulligan, Philipp Keller.

Colloque International aux Diablerets: S'il y a des idées aussi des individus. Le traité 18 (V, 7) de Plotin(17-18 mai 2007) Organisation: Angela Longo

Summer School 2007: 2nd workshop: GVA-BCN, 16-18 Mai 2007, Organisation: Philipp Keller.

Journée Ironique (An Ironical Day), 4 mai 2007, colloque international, Genève, may 4th, 2007.Programme (pdf). Conférenciers invités: Gregory Currie (Nottingham), Sophie Duval (Bordeaux), Patrizia Lombardo (Genève), Kevin Mulligan (Genève), Anne Reboul (Lyon). Organisation: Pascal Engel.

Summer School 2007: 1st workshop: the heart, the tongue, the brain, 5-6 avril 2007, Organisation: Philipp Keller.

Conférence de Jacques Bouveresse (pdf), "Karl Kraus et les années 1919-1933", 2 avril 2007. En collaboration avec le Théâtre Saint-Gervais. 

2e Congrés de la Société de Philosophie des Sciences (pdf), 29-31 mars 2007, Genève.


Atelier en épistémologie: 4-5 décembre- Organisation: Pascal Engel, Philipp Keller, Julien Dutant

Workshop en métaphysique: 31 octobre, 1 novembre 2006 --cf. la page web pour des plus amples informations

Colloque international: Syrianus et la métaphysique de l'antiquité tardive; 29 septembre au 1 octobre 2006. Organisation: Angela Longo

Colloque international: Averroès, l'averroïsme, l'anti-averroïsme;4 au 6 octobre. Organisation: Alain de Libera et Joël Lonfat, Société pour l'Etude de la Philosophie Médiévale (SIEPM): page web

international conference: Early Analytic Philosophy - Hochberg's Analysis

workshop sur les emotions, avec Simo Knuuttila, Michael Frede, David Pugmire, Bennett Helm, 5-8 juillet

workshop sur les modalités, avec Gonzalo Rodriguez-Pereyra, Daniel Nolan, John Divers, 18-20 avril

workshop avec Crispin Wright, 11-13 avril

Conferences dans le cadre de la nomination d'un professeur ordinaire ou adjoint, jeudi 16 février

Pascal Engel, "L'université dans les limites de la simple raison", 8 février

Dominic O'Meara, "L'Harmonie des Sphères dans l'Antiquité Tardive", 25 janvier


Robert Musil -- ironie, satire, (faux) sentiments / Robert Musil : Ironie, Satire, (falsche) Gefühle , -- Colloque international 9, 10 et 11 décembre 2005

2nd Geneva-Barcelona meeting, 4 et 5 novembre 2005

La religion dans la cité -- Colloque International 28 et 29 octobre 2005

7th sequitur meeting & Emotions and Rationality in Moral Philosophy (October 27 - 29 2005)

Fine Philosophy -- the philosophy of Kit Fine (3-5 Juin 2005)


Conférence de Curzio Chieza (pdf), Le chasseur au Carnier Plat", 15 dec 2004.

Minor Entities — a Philosophical Workshop (8-11 juillet 2004)

Atelier philosophique 'Individualité et personne' (8-9 juin 2004)

Summer School on Abstract Entities (25 mars–3 juillet 2004)


Formal Properties (19-21 décembre 2003)

Pour connaître le XIXème — Science et Philosophie des Sciences à la fin du siècle (20-23 novembre 2003) | titres des communications

Atelier sur l'identité personnelle (été 2003)

Medical Ontology (27 juin 2003)

Truth-makers (24-26 juin 2003)

Catégories spatiales et temporelles (20-22 juin 2003)

Sophismata: histoire d'une pratique philosophique (3-7 juin 2003)

Deuxième colloque national des doctorant-e-s en philosophie (15 mars 2003)


Formal Concepts (22-25 novembre 2002)

Les catégories entre l'Antiquité et le Moyen Âge (28-30 juin 2002)

La personne -- corps, esprit, valeurs (27-29 mai 2002)


Bolzano workshop (29 septembre-2 octobre 2001)