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Anders Karlsson

Prof. Anders Karlsson

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Anders Karlsson was born in Stockholm in 1972. After studies in engineering physics at KTH, he received a PhD in mathematics from Yale in 2000. Subsequently he worked at ETH Zurich, Neuchâtel, Bielefeld, Yale, and KTH, before joining the University of Geneva in 2010. He is also a professor at Uppsala University since 2013. His work concerns the theory of noncommuting random products and a metric functional analysis, as well as their applications to random walks on groups, operator theory, complex variables, and to other sciences, such as stochastic game theory and neural networks in machine learning. In another line of research he establishes asymptotics and connections between zeta functions of graphs, spaces and numbers, using heat kernel analysis.

Domaines de recherche :

  • Théorie ergodique et marches aléatoires
  • Géométrie métrique et actions de groupes
  • Invariants spectraux
  • Apprentissage profond

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