Hervé Hocquard

Hervé Hocquard

Hervé received his PhD degree in Applied Mathematics (supervisors: Mickaël Montassier and André Raspaud) in 2011 from Bordeaux University and a Habilitation in Mathematics and Computer Science degree in 2022.

He is currently Professor at Bordeaux University at the LaBRI (Bordeaux Laboratory of Computer Science) as a member of the Graphs & Optimisation research team within the Combinatorics and Algorithms research group.

He is also a member of the Workgroup Graphes in the GDR Informatique Mathématique (CNRS). His research interests in recent years essentially concern graph colorings and especially edge-colorings problems.

During his visit to Geneva Hervé will be working in various outreach projects in collaboration with Mathscope. In particular, he will set up a branch of MATh.en.JEANS in Geneva with a view to organising the first MATh.en.JEANS congress in Switzerland in April 2025.


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