Swiss fertility study

On behalf of the Confederation, a national research project (NRP 50) entitled "Endocrine Disrupters: Importance for Humans, Animals and Ecosystems" was launched in 2002 and continued until 2007. Among the topics covered, a study on male fertility in Switzerland aimed to collect national data on reproductive system dysfunctions in young adults, aged 18-22 years and living in Switzerland.

This project was initiated by the F.A.B.E.R. Foundation, then transmitted in 2016 to Prof. Serge Nef of the Geneva Faculty of Medicine, with the objective of pursuing research through national and international collaborations.

This study was supported by the Swiss National Science Foundation (FNRS), the Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH), the F.A.B.E.R. Foundation and private sponsors. Today, the HUG Foundation and the SCAHT took over. Collaboration with the Swiss Army Medical-Military Service continues both for the recruitment of volunteers and for contact with them in the short and medium term.

This site is intended for volunteers participating in the study, but also for anyone interested in the subject. For any questions, the study managers can be contacted by e-mail or telephone at the following addresses:

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Pr. Serge Nef, Ph.D. 

Direction du projet

Department of Genetic Medicine and Development 

University of Geneva Medical School
1, rue Michel-Servet 
CH 1211 Geneva 4, Switzerland

Phone +41 22 379 5193


Dr. Eric Stettler, MD

Responsable logistique et clinique

Lyss-Strasse 21

CH 2560 Nidau, Switzerland

Phone: +41 79 504 37 61