Research groups

[851] Karl Schaller Group (Neurosurgery)

Three main fields:

  1. Pathophysiology of cerebral blood flow (CB) and clinical aspects of cerebrovascular disease
    This includes the establishment of a new rat model of chronic intracranial venous hypertension and its effects on CBF and behaviour (together with the Institute for neurosurgical pathophysiology, University of Mainz), as well as intraoperative assessment of CBF-regulation during resection of cerebral arteriovenous malformations and in temporomesial epilepsy. Furthermore, participation in European studies on epidemiology, biology, diagnostics and treatment of aneurysmal disease (with D. Rüfenacht, SNI at HUG), and in clinical Phase II trials, which will be continued in Geneva in the context of GINEVRA (Geneva integrative neurovascular research association).

  2. Image guided surgery and computer based modelling and simulation
    These projects are performed in cooperation with applied mathematicians and computer scientists as they relate to image registration, such as the projects 'Morphological methods of 3D image fusion and sequence analysis in medical imaging' (within DFG SPP 1114), or 'Registration of cortical geometry, base upon digital photography and three-dimensional MRI-data' (also funded by DFG). The project 'Modelling, mathematical methods and computer simulation of tumour growth and therapy'' (Marie-Curie network, EU FP 6) has just been completed. Contacts with regional partners in the Suisse Romand have already been established.
    These are joint projects with epileptologists and neuroradiologists, and they comprise image co-registration for invasive diagnostics and resective procedures in epilepsy surgery, and assessment of effects of anesthesia and resective procedures in epilepsy surgery on memory.