The department of clinical neurosciences is composed of the divisions of neurology, neurosurgery, neurorehabilitation, ophthalmology and ENT (ear-nose-throat). Research activities are rich and manifold. Most are in connection with the treated diseases, such as, epilepsy, brain tumors, and difficulties of hearing, vision, memory, or movement. There are multiple collaborations with basic neurosciences and the research groups newly installed at Campus Biotech.

Research Groups by Clinical DivisioN

Division of Neurosurgery

Karl Schaller
Karl Schaller Group

Division of Ophtalmology

Gabriele Thumann
Experimental Ophtalmology

Division of ENT and Head-and-Neck Surgery

Angelica Perez-Fornos
Sensory Neuroprostheses for the Restitution of Hearing and Balance

Pascal Senn
Inner Ear and Olfaction Lab

Division of Neuroreeducation

Adrian Guggisberg
Neurorehabilitation & Neuromodulation

Radek Ptak
Brain Damage and Spatial Attention

Armin Schnider
Amnesia: Memory and Confabulation

Division of Neurology

Frédéric Assal
Neuropsychology and Behavioral Neurology

Emmanuel Carrera
Stroke Research Group

Andreas Kleinschmidt
Andreas Kleinschmidt Group

Patrice Lalive Multiple Sclerosis, Neuroimmunology, Experimental Autoimmune Encephalitis

Pierre Mégevand Human Neuron Lab

Margitta Seeck
Epilepsia and Surgery

Serge Vulliémoz
Epilepsy and Brain Networks