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Monika Gjorgjieva

Monika Gjorgjieva

Maître assistante

+41 22 37 95421

Around 403.000 patients per year are diagnosed with renal carcinomas worldwide. Renal carcinomas are promoted by several factors such as obesity/diabetes, chronic kidney disease, smoking, toxin exposure, genetic predispositions and high blood pressure.

This diverse array of risk factors leads to very strong differences in terms of tumor morphology, mutational profile and metabolic status and testifies for the need to deepen our understanding of the pathological processes involved in this disease in order to develop novel therapeutic approaches to fight renal cancer.

Dr Gjorgjieva’s research aims therefore at deciphering the different molecular mechanisms involved in the incidence and progression of renal cancer.

She is working on the development of an in vivo model of renal carcinoma that better mimics the pathology observed in humans and might open new therapeutic avenues.


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